June 8, 2010

TTC update

Finally, another day one!!  Praise God!!! Geez, it only took 54 days . . . (instead of the average 28 days).  I really didn't think I was going to have a second cycle.  I am miserably happy.  haha.  I get so excited on day one and then by day two, I'm hoping it will end soon.  I forget how miserable all of this is.  BUT not as miserable as wanting to conceive and not having any cycles.  :(  This is totally great for ttc.  Last time we "tried", in the whole 18 months, my body never worked properly.  I had not a single 'natural' day one (just with the help of medication).  So, two "natural"/non-Provera cycles in two months is FANTASTIC!!!  I am at least very thankful for that.  :)

So, God willing, this round will be successful.  :)  I still quietly watch as KJ plays alone, talks alone, well, to her stuffed animals and/or imaginary friends, that is, and wonder what we will do if we don't conceive in the next 2-3 months . . . adopt?  foster?  get a puppy?!

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