February 26, 2014

Increasing Milk Supply (#3), days 49-56: Formula and Asparagus.

Day 49:  2/19/14
I started my third menstrual cycle.  "Yay!" for a working body and consecutive cycles (something I've never naturally had).  But a huge "BOOOOOO" that it caused my milk supply drop to probably the lowest it's ever been.  :(

In the last week, I used up the three bags of frozen milk.  I have NO backup breast milk anymore.

Day 51:  2/21214
Chris bought formula.
I had always come close to telling him he needs to go buy some, but Friday night was the 'real deal'.  I was literally pumping two different sessions just to get his next 4oz bottle.  My milk makers were in serious pain.  The final incident that caused me to ask him to go buy it right then and there was when Elly was so frustrated because she wasn't getting enough milk.  I was pumping it all for brother and by the time she was needing to nurse again, there just wasn't enough.  Her diapers hadn't been very wet.  I knew she was hungry even during and after nursing.  I was stressed.  I had been drinking Mother's Milk tea, fenugreek, and my tincture.  Even eating oatmeal was not helping in the way I needed for my babies.  I broke down and sobbed to Chris.  He did a great job at reassuring me that I really had worked as hard as I could all this time and that Liam has had such good nutritious milk for 9 months.  But I just felt so helpless.  My body was not doing what I needed it to do for my babies --no matter what I tried.  So, off to HEB he went. (Similac Organic is what we chose, thanks to some helpful advice)

I'm so super grateful to God that I have not had to open the formula yet!!   :D  By the grace of God, He came through right on time, yet again, and I had just enough milk for Liam Friday night.  Before I went to bed, I was able to pump the exact amount he would need for his morning bottle!  God is oh SO good!!  I was pumping the exact amounts needed about and hour or two before he needed the next bottle and I was letting Elly nurse as long and as often as she wanted.  I was even putting her on the milk-maker without her asking, trying to trigger as much milk making as I could.  It went on like that for the next few days.

Brand new and sealed, sitting on my counter.

Day 54:  2/24/14
Period stopped abruptly and I was a whole two bottles ahead of Liam's needs, all day!  I had planned on bagging up 8 oz . . . and then Liam decided that he wanted an 'extra' serving at bedtime.  But "oh well", right?  I'm just so thankful that I had what he needed.

Day 55:  2/25/14
Pain subsided, praise God!  My day actually felt enjoyable -in the sense that I wasn't in pain so I enjoyed nursing and I was happy to sit and pump.  I wasn't stressed pumping every last drop trying to meet Liam's needs, so I was really able to enjoy the day.  :)

I had a heaping serving of chopped asparagus with my dinner tonight.  Not sure if it's a known 'super food' for increasing milk supply, BUT my supply has been full and flowing nicely since after dinner!  I just might have Chris go buy more asparagus.  ;)

Day 56:  2/26/14
I just finished pumping.  I was able to pump 10oz.  So, in my fridge, I have about three bottles waiting for Liam!!  Oh, it feels so wonderful to be able to give this nutrition to my little man.  Thank you Jesus!!

For some it comes so easily.  For some it takes serious hard work, determination, dedication, and, literally, blood, sweat, and tears... So, for the mommas who aren't ready to 'throw in the towel' just yet:  "Keep pumpin'; hang in there!  Just one pump session at a time!"


  1. Awesome job, mama! :) I really admire your determination.

  2. It had me on the edge of my seat reading this. You are working so hard and doing an amazing job. So proud of you. Even if the formula ends up being used it doesn't reflect badly of you at all. You are a wonderful mom with a gorgeous family!