June 25, 2010

germs germs --go away!

My little KJ and I have been sick since last Friday.  She saw her doctor on Monday and it turned out she had a double ear infection and strep throat.  (picture on left:  KJ really upset after they bothered her with a strep test and flushed out her ears to get a good look at the infection) POOR GIRLIE!!  So, we've been stuck in out house waaaay too long.

I think her fever FINALLY broke today.  She was finally fever free ALL day today! :)

Tomorrow should be even better.

I, on the other hand, had who knows what (more than likely strep too) and hid behind a hacking, wheezing, cough!  It's still not completely gone and I'm supposed to be at a wedding rehearsal tonight (seeing how it's already Friday, 2:43am) --ready to rehearse  . . . I'm singing at my friends wedding this Saturday!  Yikes.  I can't believe I had all year long to loose my singing voice and my body chose now.  :(  So, God willing, my voice will just keep coming back more and more so that by Saturday, it will just sound raspy in a romantic, sexy, way!  ;)

It's been a long boring week of Tylenol, Motrin, Antibiotic, Pedialyte, thermometer readings, crazy high temps of 105, baths, cuddles, coughs, breathing treatments, and chicken noodle soup.

Tonight was a great night.  I skyped with a wonderful friend -for several hours, while she packed for her big move (taking place on Saturday ::sad face::)

It's Friday already.  Geez, this week flew right on by --thanks to all the 'sick germs' we've been fighting off.

Nighty night.  I guess staying up late doesn't help my body fully recover.  ;)  oops.


  1. Oh gosh, nothing trips me out like a super high fever. Look at her, poor baby. Even in the face of misery, she's still so beautiful :-)

  2. varunner, Thank you :)

    And yes, I freaked out, with tears, when the thermometer had its first high reading. The call-a-nurse line was so helpful and reassured me that she would be fine, as long as I followed some steps they gave me.