June 28, 2010

The new family gag

You know the doll from Toy Story 3? Well, since we've seen that movie, we have been placing this doll around the house in different areas, trying to get each other (that the doll comes to life and makes her way around the house when we aren't looking) lol!!

So I've been on the couch, watching a movie. When it was over, I stretched and I hit something with my arm. I turn around, and what do I see?? This doll sitting right behind me, staring at me!!! Ahh! CHRIS!!!! LOL  
I admit, it freaked me out...

The first time he got me, was about 5 nights ago. It was pitch dark and I had my hands full, while walking upstairs. So, I'm walking super slowly, one step carefully at a time. I felt something touch my leg as I got to the last step. I adjust my eyes to see what it was --Chris had placed the doll sitting in the middle of the very top step. It was pretty creepy and he was CRACKING UP!!! lol

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