June 8, 2010

Building my garden

I've been slowly getting the hang of remembering to water and keep up with plants.  So far, I have 6 tomato plants (4 approx 6 inches tall and 2 approx 4 inches tall) and 4 Christmas trees (working on their 2nd rows of pines).  Yesterday I planted some 'forget me not flowers around my mesquite tree, in the back yard, and a small pot with lemon basil and another small pot with cucumbers.  I've been buying the Buzzy Grow Kits and I'm just loving them!  I haven't seen any buds just yet --but at least I haven't killed them yet either!

Now, I don't exactly know much about planting them into the ground and how to care for them after that.  I'm hoping I can keep mine potted for a long while.  I'm afraid that bugs and weather will kill the plants --or my forgetfulness with watering outdoor plants...  I guess I'll be setting a permanent alarm on my phone.

Today, I told KJ she can help me start the Sunflower and Strawberry grow kits.  We are super excited for the strawberries!!  I had been wanting the As Seen On TV strawberry plant --I believe it grows upside down.

I'll post pics once the start sprouting.  :)

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