May 27, 2010

I think my thumb might be turning green

Some of what I've been working on:

4 "Christmas Trees" that I have been growing since around March.
My mom bought KJ a little tiny pot that comes with a pellet of soil and a bag of seeds.  I promised that I would pant them and help take care of them hoping to see some real Christmas Trees come out of it . . . so far, so good.

I've moved them to a larger pail-like container.  Three of the trees are already getting their second row or pines.  I have no idea what they are supposed to be looking like at this stage.  But they are still green and that's what matters!  lol  *since moving them outside, only one is starting to get brown tips.
(Picture taken on 5/26/10)

 5 Tomato Plants that were planted on 5/17/10
*the brown pot has 5 new seeds that I planted on 5/23/10
When I was a kid, I remember picking cherry tomatoes from my mom's "tomato garden".  I remember loving to go out there and pick tomatoes, like I knew what I was doing!  hee hee

My mom and I were just reminiscing the other weekend about how much we all enjoyed the experience of growing tomatoes.  So, I saw this at Target, in the dollar spot, and I was so excited to test my tomato growing skills.  ;)

So far, wonderful!!  I get sooo excited to see them getting taller and taller.
(Picture taken on 5/24/10)

 Tomatoes on 5/26!  :D
I love rotating it through out the day, watching how they change direction to lean towards the sun.  

 woo hooo!!  :D
Tomatoes on 5/27.
When do I have to replant them in a larger pot?

Chris brought this vase with approx 4 different bamboo sticks all stuffed inside.  He was the one "in charge" of it at his work place.  I was really excited that they decided to 'do away with it' because I had been looking to buy some bamboo.
I never liked the set up, in that vase. (I couldn't find a picture of what it looked like when he first brought it home --but if and when I do, I will def. come back and post it.  It was ridiculous LOL :(  Someone had thought it would be a great idea to throw some random pieces of curling ribbon in the water.  It looked as though it was a spare trash can, with random stuff/junk floating around in the water.

So, I read up on how to properly grow bamboo and I have been doing my absolute best since about May 3rd or so.  This is the 'best' I could do back in the beginning of May --but it still seemed like a nasty eye sore on my kitchen window sill . . .

but now . . .
Some sand art and a new vase!
"straight bamboo" 5/27

This is the best that I was able to do for the "spiral bamboo".

However . . .
I really LOVE the make-over I gave it today!  :)  I took out all the clear stones.
So far, this one is my favorite bamboo.

Now, as for my favorite flower . . . I have about 6 bushels of gerber daisies that I have been growing, around our front tree, for 3 years now, I believe.

I LOVE watching them bloom!  I wait until they are nice and tall and full of color; right before they start losing their beauty, I cut what I want and bring them inside --they last about another week!!  I just LOVE them!!!  It was one of the best gifts Chris has ever given me . . . not the typical flowers that come wrapped in paper and only last a week.  I got the whole plant -to keep giving me my favorite flower!!
I bought this vase during January or February, at Target's Dollar Spot!  I just couldn't wait to put a daisy in it...

I found this vase in our garage, yesterday.  All those clear stones that came out of the 'spiral bamboo' vase look so much nicer in this vase with more daisies!  :)
I can never get enough of these daisies . . . any color.

So this is what my kitchen window sill currently looks like.  I told Chris that it's my "granny-sill" (I just remember growing up seeing our grandma's window sills full of plants. hee hee)
*I'm currently trying to revive some small bamboo stems, in that little medicine case you are wondering.

*Now, I have a tiny tree that is growing in our backyard.  I will post the pics soon.  I also planted some sunflower seeds around another tree, in our backyard, and I just haven't had any luck with seeing those bloom.  Nothing . . . absolutely nothing.  :(  Either they somehow "expired", because they are about 8 years old, if not older.  OR I just don't have the "green thumb" for growing one of the easiest flowers . . . they grow on the side of the highway, for goodness sakes!!!  Every time I see them along the highway, I just scream in my head "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!"  I think I am going to try starting them in smaller pots.

Next, I would LOVE to plant an apple seed that KJ saved and brought home a while back.  It's dried out and I don't know if it needs to be or if it will even grow at all.  That's my next little experiment --that's what the Christmas Tree and Tomatoes started as, experiments.  hee hee  and I'm happy to see them live and grow!! :)


  1. :) great job! i like how you are saving the bamboo. i am currently having success with the one i saved from my cat - she ate all the leaves. it's so tall now! :)

  2. Thank you Melissa :)

    I find it very rewarding, "saving" and taking care of the bamboo.

    Is your bamboo tall now because she ate all the leaves? All the nutrients and water supply is focusing in just one area. Silly cat! (she didn't get sick from eating it, did she?)