June 5, 2007

Appointment update

So, I called today and rescheduled my appointment w/ another doctor.  I'm just praying that this one stays scheduled.  I am, more than likely, going to call the week before to make sure it's still scheduled.
I really can't stand how those people, though, seem to not care.  They probably don't -but they should at least act like they do.  I started telling her what happened on the 31st, just so that she would make sure to get the info right -about what my visit is regarding- and she just kept on talking over me continuing w/ the appointment time and date and all.  When she asked what I was going for, she had no idea what I meant.  What's so hard about udnerstanding and typing in "Fertility consult" . . . she started asking me other questions and I answered them.  Then when she was done, I asked, "so, what did you put down for my visit?"  When she tells me, I realize that it isn't what I asked for and she seems to really not know what's going on . . . But I just left it alone.  I know that when I go they will ask me more than once what I'm there for.  That's just they way they do it.  When you make the appointment, they ask you and put it in the computer.  Then when they take vitals, they ask again and write it in the chart . . . sometimes they will even ask again when you are sitting in the room waiting.  So, at some point, someone, will understand what I am there for.  Ugh!
So, I'm going to give them another chance.  If they mess up this next time, on the 18th, I will just have to find another group of doctors -unfortunately it's not even the doctors that have caused these problems.
I'll update again, when there's more news . . .

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