June 29, 2007

My hands smell soooo good!

The cheesecake is in the oven now . . . my hands have the lingering scent of 'Seattle's Best' Chocolate Toffee flavored coffee -Mmm! --and cocoa.
It has been a strange morning . . . I'm not used to being all alone in the house -it's a little akward.  I have this feeling of "I have to go wake Kryssa up now."  But then I remember, "Oh, no I don't.  She's not here."   I miss her; even last night, as we were laying in bed, I kept on telling Chris, "I don't know how I'm going to handle our TEN day vacation (we leave in 5 days!) if I am missing her tonight --I'm with her all the time; I shouldn't be missing her over one night . . . I should be okay . . . ".  But it was not planned for her to stay the night and I was about 5 mins away when my mom called to say that Kryssa was asleep and I could just leave her there --they'll take her to Austin too.  So, I was really looking forward to hearing "Mommy!  Hi Mommy!" --she's always super excited when I pick her up.  So, that's probably why I've missed her the way I have -my heart was left waiting for her little smile and tiny voice to say "Mommy!" . . . I'm anxious to get to Austin and see her!! hee hee  Only 5 more hours!!! LoL.
Now, don't get me wrong; I AM ENJOYING THIS TIME!!!  She is one big ball of energy and a determined little 'explorer' --so, this is a wonderful, amazing, well needed, alone time.
So, I will drive to Austin all alone . . . I haven't done that since . . . hmmm . . . before I was marriend ('02) -maybe sometime when I was pregnant ('04)(although, I doubt I drove to Austin alone, while pregnant!) . . . .? --Either way, it's still been yeeears.
It's going to be a nice quite day!! YAY!! :D

Oh, my hands smell so yummy . . . I just hope the cheesecake turns out to taste as yummy as my hands smell.  Ha ha, I hope this smell stays stuck on my skin all day --it's like walking down the coffee isle . . . Mmmm . . . .

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