June 20, 2007

It must be a sign

"Do you think this is a sign?", Chris says as tossing something on the table.  I look down and see a Babies "R" Us catalog!! Lol!!  Even when we were pregnant, we NEVER recieved anything from them.  This is the very fist catalog we have ever received from that store.  It is addressed to "The Mayfield Family or Current Resident" -so, it wasn't just one of those weekly adds.  Pretty strange -but I really enjoyed looking through it, thinking of how it's going to be to 'get ready for baby' again!!    Oh, I am just tooooo anxious to get a positive reading on a pregnancy test.
So, tonight is day 2 of the 10 days of my first set of pills (provera) . . . God willing we will hear what we want to hear in the next 35 days or so!!  Eeeeek!!  hee hee!! 

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