June 12, 2007

crazy surveys -but I do it anyway -lol

Have you Ever...?
Played Spin the Bottle?:no
Toilet Paper someone's house:yes
Played Poker with money:no
Gone swimming in a white T-shirt:lol, yes
been tickled so hard you couldn't talk:yes; I had to get treated by medics because I had the worst asthma attack I've EVER had -to this date- ugh!!  That's why STOP means STOP!!
like someone but never told them:no
went camping:yes
had a crush on your broher's friend:no
walk in the rain without an umbrella:yes
told a joke that NObody thought was funny:probably -lol-
been in a talent show:yes
started laughing at someone's bedtime:huh?
worn somthing your mom didn't appove of:yes
been to a nude beach:no
drank jack daniels:yes, I think I've tasted it.  Is there a creamy version or something?!  Maybe not -don't know . . .
cursed in a church:no
been called a slut for kissing someone:no
burnt yourslef with a curling iron/straightner:lol, yes
wanted to be a police officer:probably at some point
dumped someone:yes
been hit on by someone too old:lol, yes -and he was way too drunk too-
wanted to be a model:sure
bought lottery tickets:no
made out in a car:yes -lol-
cried during a movie:yes
wanted something you couldn't have:yes
had the drink sex on the beach:yes, lol
seen someone shoplift:um, yes, when I worked at GAP
hung up on someone:yes
yelled at you pet:yes
bought a thong when the casheir was a guy:lol!!
tried to strip when drunk:no
gotten seasick:motion sickness on a boat, yes yes yes -ugh
had a stalker:yes
played a prank on somone that had them really scared:no
been embarassed by one of your family:of course
felt bad about eating meat:no
been to an island:yes
been in love:yes yes yes
ate jus because you were bored:yes
looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said "aww":yes
Screamed in a library:no
Made out with a stranger:no
Been Dumped:yes
Wished a part of you was different:yes
asked a guy to dance:yes
been asked out by a really hot guy:lol, such a corny question -yes-
laughe so hard ou cried:yes
went up to a complete stranger and started talking:yes
been sunburned:yes
kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert:no
threw up in school:yes
recieved an anonymous love letter:yes -a little freaky, not always so romantic-
had to wear something you hated:yes
been to a luau:yes
saw your ex and wanted to kick his 'beeeehind':well, yes
cursed in front of your parents:no
been in a commerical on tv:no
watched a movie that made you miss your ex:"miss"? no
been out of the country:no
been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk:lol, yes -also when I was pushing the mustang up hill, in heels and a skirt -they didn't even stop to help! Ugh!!
won at pool:yes
went to a party where you were the ony sober one:lol, yes
went on a diet:yes
been lost out to sea:no
cheated on your bf:no
been cheated on:yes
tanned topless:no
been attacked by seagulls:lol, no
been searched in an airport:They do that to everyone now . . .
been on a plane:yes
been pants-ed:? huh ?
thown a shoe at someone:lol, yes
broke someone's heart:so, they've said
sung in the shower:yes
bought something way too expensive:yes
done something really stupid that you still laugh about:yes
been walked in on when you were dressing:yes
ran out of a movie theatre because you were too scared of the movie:no -but sat w/ my eyes closed and my ears covered!! lol
been kicked out of the mall:no
ben mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back:yes
been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one:no
done something stupid when you were drunk:no
fell off your roof:no
pretended you were scared so you could cuddle up with someone:no
had a deer jump in fron of your car:yes
threated someone witha water gun:"threatend"? no.
Can you....
Unwrap a starburst with your tounge:yes
open your eyes underwater:yes
eat whatever you want and not have to worry:not "have" to worry? yes
ice skate:yes
sing in front of a crowd:yes
be a bitch at times:probably
do thirty pull ups:I would do my best if I was challenged
walkin in really high heals:yes -but I choose not to-
eat super spicy foods:yes
sleep with the lights on:if I'm sleepy enough
touch your nose with your tounge:no
fall asleep easily in the car:not always
do the cotton eye joe:I have before
play ddr and not fall:lol, yes
surf:I haven't tried it yet
fit in your locker:lol
do a split:no
taste the difference between pepsi and coke:probably

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