June 14, 2007

Update: June 14, 2007

Well, Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers!!  Our celebration was wonderful!  Praise God!  My parents, father-in-law, sis and her hubby came over.  Oh, we had plenty of yummy food and Yummies.  I love when we all get together like we did today -it just feels GREAT!
We got Chris a set of golf clubs, like he asked.  We also got him two pairs of shoes, shorts, a shirt and some jeans . . . oh, and The Pursuit of Happyness.  He bought himself a SPURS Championship hat -hee hee; it's not father's day unless he buys himself a gift, I guess -ha ha ha!!!
So, the more serious update is that my appointment (the one that had to get rescheduled w/ a new doctor) is tomorrow at 4:05pm.  I had forgotten -well, I mean, I have been thinking about it and reminding myself and Chris; but I didn't realize that "Monday, June 18th" was tomorrow!!!  But it was actually a good thing, I guess, because I haven't been dwelling on it -like I was last time- so, I have been able to enjoy other things that are gong on.
Ugh, I've been dealing with a strange itchy, cough, lung issue.  It's been causing my asthma to flare up.  I've been having to take my inhaler about 3 times a day.  That inhaler has been handy for about 3 years or so -I've used it very very very little . . . so, I am a little concerned that I have been needing it 3 times a day for the past 3 days . . . hm?!  Annoying!!
I feel like there was more to blog . . . I just can't think of anything other than super personal stuff . . .
So, I'll blog tomorrow -if there's something to share, about our appointment (my appointment -but Chris, thank God, will be there with me).
So, just keep us and our "situation" in prayer -still-, please.    Thanks.

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