June 13, 2007

Crazy long survey that I had no idea would turn out to be so long . . .

So, I thought it would be nice to fill in this survey -I read it on someone's page and thought "Oh, I want to fill it in about me and Chris -how we met and where we're at now-".  I had NO idea it would be so long, draining, and eventually boring and pointless!!! lol.   So, instead of just closing the survey and wasting all the time that it took for me to fill out half of it -I thought I would post what I answered.  Anyway, I really would have liked it if it was just about me and Chris and all -I don't feel like taking the time to change it up the way I would like it.  Maybe I will another time . . .

Adult Life
The Basics
Birthplace::san anotnio
Where were you raised?:same
Current Location::same
More about you
Are you divorced?:no
Are you married again?:not "married again" -but, yes, married.
Date of marriage::July 6, 2002
Date you met::fall '99
How did he purpose?:after draggin me on scream (fiesta texas), he helped me up in my seat, took my flip flops off, knelt down to buckle me in, stayed on one knee...then still made me ride! lol
Did you cry?:yes
Did he cry?:no -but he choked up a bit and laughed off his nerves after it all happened.
About him
His name::goes by chris
His birthdate::8/27
Where was he raised?:san antonio
His occupation?:assistant bank manager
The first time you saw him you thought?:"what beautiful eyes . . . heyyyy, I didn't know she had a brother?!" -ha ha ha
Where was your first date?:9/01/01:  Actual date, when we started 'getting to know each other -more than friends . . . Souper Salad! lol 
When was your first kiss?:Uh, long story -the date I remember is Dec. 8th, 2001. . . oh, the memories . . crazy drama yet some of our greatest -of our 'story'-
Your life together
Do you have children?:yes :)
If yes, how many?:1, praying for #2
Was he there for the birth?:yes .  .  . lol, every day for 4 weeks of my hospital stay until she finally came!!
How long did you wait before you had children?:the day she was born, we had been married for 2 years, 1 month, 4 days
If you have kids, will you have more?:God willing . . .
Most romantic thing he has ever done?:So hard 2 pick just 1: Our 1st wedd. ann. -the whole celebration was planned to perfection -a blind folded car ride to our 1st destination started our week long celebration!!!
Memory of him that sticks out the most?:His tears of joy and love as he held and adored his little baby girl for the very first time.
Is he still the only one you have eyes for?:Every day!! :)
Is your life better because of him?:Well, I give God all the credit for where I am in my life -but I do thank God that Chris came into my life the way he did when he did!! :)
Does he encourage you in what you want to do?:Always . . . he's my biggest fan.  Lol, he makes me blush all the time!  hee hee I love him for all he does to encourage and support me!
Best gift he ever gave you?:Geeez . . . the vows he wrote for me -as long as he continues to honor them.  
The family:
What do your parents think of him?:He's on his way to continue a great future for his family.
What does he think of your parents?:I am who I am because of their parenting -and he loves me . . . so . . .
What dose his parents think of you?:That I'm the best thing that happened to them -lol . . . a little big headed for me to say it, huh?! lol!! *blush*
What do you think of his parents?:His dad will seriously do anything for his family.
Do either of you have siblings? Do you both get along with them?:yes and yes
Life in ten years:
Where you'll live::lol, only God knows our future . . .
What you'll be doing::. . .
Will he still make your heart beat fast?:. . .
Will you still know what he's thinking just by looking at him?:. . .
A little more about you:
Is your life where you thought it would be at your age?:No -but I'll never know what I missed out on because I love all that I have gained . . . I thought I would be a "star" on Broadway!! lol :D
Do you regreat your past?:Everything happens for a very specific reason.  I am who I am because of all the steps I've taken . . .
Are you happy?:Yes
Okay, favorite song?:changes all the time -but one that has never changed:  The way  you look tonight 
Favorite singer?:I don't know that I have just one
When you have extra time, you do what?:"extra" time . . . everyone only gets 24 hours!!  I would love "extra" time.
Favorite vacation spot?:Of the vacations we've been on . . . San Diego/ La Jolla
Who do talk to the most on the phone?:Chris
On the computer?:?
Best friend?:Monica, I've known since '98 and Jesse, I've also known since '98.
Loudest friend?:lol, that would still have to be Jesse -lol!!
Oldest friend?:age wise?  don't know.
Friend most likely to end up in jail?:um, none . . .
Sweetest friend?:all in their own special ways :)
Most giving friend?:Again, all in their own ways . . .
Most loyal friend?:my best friends . . .
Smartest friend?:Because they 'really know?  Or because they 'think' they know?  lol . . .
Cutest friend?:?
Funniset friend?:alllll!!!
Some other favorites:
State::So far, California.
Time of day::?
Not so favorite:
Time of day::
Person you know will always make you laugh::
Smartest person you know::
Most giving person you know::
Person you respect the most?:
Sweetest person?:
Most religious person?:
Most creative person?:
Person you admire the most?:
Person you would love to smack the most::
Your thoughts:
I don't understand...:
I'm thankful for...:
I'm happiest when...:

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