June 23, 2007

Mr. T likes to party

So apparently Chris is pretending to live the single life again. Yes, I could have gone to the party with him; but just because I choose not to doesn't mean that he takes advantage of free all night babysitting!!! If we would have gone together, we would have had to be home by 11pm probably. But I get the text saying that he won't be home till "12-1" -what the heck?! That's an hour window . . . WHATEVER!
Anyway, so, I'm very sleepy and would rather be sleeping off my frustration than sitting here, waiting for my bed sheets to finish up in the dryer. I would normally go lay out and snooze on the guest bed but I just cleaned out Kryssa's closet, toys and clothes, and decided to pile a ton of things on that bed for tonight (to hurry up and clear out her room so she could go to sleep). So, here I am, bothered, flustered, annoyed, sleepy -a little light headed too- and not able to relax on my bed . . . yet!
On a better note, Chris went to an "80's" party and he went as Mr. T -lol!!! Go ahead, laugh it off -because what you are about to see is ABSOLUTELY HALARIOUS!!! lol!!!

Well, I'm at fault for his mohawk -it should have been wider -but it was a bit off center to his face when I finished -lol- and I notice right away ---but too late, of course! lol. So, I just had to bring it in a bit on one side to center it up . . . I sure wish that he would have picked to dress up/resemble someone that made him look more masculine rather than more . . . well . . . net shirts and tight fitted pants just don't shout "MASCULINE!" -so, I did tell him that I'm really glad I chose to stay home. Especially after I saw what he bought to wear . . . lol. I just can't explain or even understand my husband at times . . . LOL, all I do it laugh . . . or roll my eyes and huff and puff -but tonight, I couldn't help but laugh and laugh and laugh . . .
I accomplished quite a bit today. I cleaned like I haven't cleaned in a long long time. Corners and crevices by hand . . . some serious, serious, "Spring Cleaning". I've been cleaning, well, I'm not anymore, but I had been, since about 1:30pm -and I came down stairs to "relax" at approx 11:30pm -I don't know what got into me but I'm glad I did all that I did!
Well, Chris just sent a text that he is on his way home -finally!! So, I should have some more crazy pics to post -of the actual party (he took my camera, so, I'm assuming there will be pics).
Nighty night everyone. Thanks for reading . . .

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