January 4, 2013

14 weeks, 2 days: Prenatal visit (disappointment and concern)

I had another appointment with my ob today.  Everything went really well!  I have been so happy that I got to see the Twinkies wiggle around and show off their arm, leg, and hand movements —during the sono.

The NT scan results came back —everything was great!

Now, here's the scoop...

I mentioned to the nurse, and then the doc, how I've been really sick since Christmas.  I mentioned how, in the 11 days of being sick, I've experienced a rising temp, severe headaches, chills, aches, trouble breathing —with a crinkling/clicking sound in my chest, junky cough, severe congestion that won't go away —no matter what I take, and the most recent has been severe, severe, severe, sinus pain!  (feels as if I'm being jabbed way up in my nostril with a flu test swab.)  :(  All of this is really sick for me.  Completely out of the usual.  All Dr. R said was that it sounds like I had the flu (even though I only had a slight temp for a day —which I find it hard to believe it was the flu) and that it sounds like I have a sinus infection.  I even mentioned to him that, a few days ago, my heart was racing, with a pulse of 97 (yikes!  my norm, during pregnancy, is in the 60's), but normal bp, and that I felt my heart quiver out of rhythm several times —and that it came along with the horrible headaches.  Did he listen to my lungs?  No.  Did he look up my nose with the light/scope?  No.  Did he listen to my heart rhythm?  No.  What did he do?  He said that he was going to prescribe me Penicillin and Nasonex, and he added "they are safe for the babies".  Now, how does a doc not thoroughly check a pregnant mother before prescribing meds???  I have no idea, but I am not comfortable with this.  :(

I don't understand how checking my weight, bp, and urine, is thorough enough, especially since I have been sick for so long.  Yes, there's junk going around and I "must have" caught something.  But isn't it important to figure out what I may have caught?  Is he just that good that he diagnosis just by my words alone?  :(

I've really loved having him as my doc, when it came to treating me for endo; but this makes me uneasy now since I'm carrying two additional little lives right now.

Is this normal?  Does an OB not listen to heart sounds and lungs as part of the routine check up?  I told Chris, "What if I had pneumonia or something?!  How would he know?!" (not that I really think I did —but the way my breathing sounded, it was really bad and painful).  Chris thinks I'm just over reacting.  His response to my concern was, "It's the same as if I went to my cardiologist and expected him to check out a pain in my foot."  I, personally, don't agree; but maybe I am over reacting.

What are your prenatal visits like?

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