May 13, 2011

Little white pills

I had my appointment on Tuesday.  It was confirmed that I am NOT PREGNANT.  But the doc was very happy that my 'day 1' had come and gone all on it's own.  Also, he said, again, how happy he was that the meds are working well for me.  :)

No sono this time because as long as I ovulate, he says, then cysts shouldn't form.  Also, I haven't been in any concerning pain in over a month!! :D  I'm a happy gal!

So, I'm back on the little white pills again —clomid and continuing metformin.  I'm not looking forward to the mood swings, fatigue, and hot flashes —but I am looking forward to ovulation day!! :D

Oh, and I completed my 30-day exercise challenge!  I started exercising on April 7 and at my appointment, on May 10th, I am happy to announce that the scale showed me brand new digits! —2 lbs lighter.  :)  It's not a whole bunch, but it's a start and I can definitely see and feel the difference it has already made.  I took a small break and have already started another 30-day exercise challenge on May 10th.  So, we'll see if this not only leads to a healthier life and look but also conception.  :)

later, gator!

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