September 30, 2012

Goodbye Twenties. Hello Thirties!

I still have to double check this is real life!  I don't feel like it's time to be thirty, lol.  But it is what it is, right?  I had really been excited to turn thirty.  For me, it meant starting a new decade and for some reason that excited me.  However, the last day of my twenties became an emotional day of great memories:  celebrating 10 wedding anniversaries, auditioning for American Idol, having our baby, buying our first house, paying off our car, having crazy pets over the years (a ferret, 4 cats, 5 dogs, many fish, one that was approximately seven years old before it passed, and KJ's hamster), fostering a wonderful teenager, traveling, watching our 'little one' grow up, and many, many more!

Because I had to start my ivf injections on my birthday, I tried my absolute best to have as much fun as possible and keep my mind busy with making new memories.  I woke up at 7:30am, to color my 'white streak' purple (I literally have a skunk-looking streak of white hair, started when I was 15, right in the front of my hairline).  Then I went on my way to my favorite breakfast place, to meet my mom, sister and close girlfriends.  Parking, at this restaurant, is always an incredible challenge.  So, what did I do?  I parked on the non-paved part because I knew I could squeeze in past a shrub.  Did I forget to mention that it had rained all day the day before and it had rained all night too —oh yeah, I did.  I wasn't worried about mud because I had decided to wear my fun rain boots.  However, my mom, on the other hand, was somehow convinced, by her wonderful birthday girl, to park in the same area.  Her car is much bigger and much more front-heavy (I have a Focus and she has an Impala).  The spot that was available was just slightly on a downward slant —and I do mean slight.  And if you haven't guessed it already . . . she ended up stuck in the mud! :(  I felt horrible because that is exactly why she did NOT want to try parking in that spot.  But I told her it would be fine.  Um, I know now that I'm not an expert with mud! ha!  She tried for a while and then I gave it my try at driving her car out of nasty mud.  There was a very nice man that saw us and offered his help (verbal direction and making sure I wouldn't hit anything on my way out).  Approximately 20 minutes later, we were out of the mud!!! (and covered in it too! lol).  We were cleaned up (enough) once it was time to sit with friends, for brunch.  I had a wonderful time chatting with everyone.  

After brunch, we spontaneously went to paint some pottery.  My sis had a great idea, for everyone to  paint on one "birthday plate" together.  My girlfriend bought the pottery piece, and we all painted it together.  It was so much fun!!  My sister painted a hippo, one of my favorite things, in the bowl and everything looks perfect.  I'm so excited to pick it up on Wednesday.  (I'll post pics of the finished product)

From there, everyone said their goodbyes and KJ got to ride with grandma, while Chris and I had 30 mins, or so, of quiet time together.  It was wonderful getting to sit and eat some frozen yogurt with him; however, because things calmed down, all we could really talk about was ivf, our injections being only hours away, and the possibility of actually getting to have a second baby.  As nice as it is to daydream and try to plan ahead, the reality of this journey is that we just have no way of knowing what the end results will be —but sometimes it's just comforting planning ahead, for a newborn baby...

I had a quick decision to make, go home and rest before our first injections OR go out to another restaurant to celebrate again... I chose Pappadeaux! :)  This allowed me to celebrate with our dads and with my hubby (since the brunch was just for the gals).  On the way to the restaurant, Chris stopped and bought a carrot cake, my favorite!  And once we parked at the restaurant, he got busy decorating the cake for me...

Celebrating my 30th birthday was wonderful.  It was toned down and very simple —yet extremely memorable!  It was nothing like I had originally planned (I had thought to do something big and extreme, since it was my thirtieth.  but due to IVF my plans had to change and I was, eventually, okay with that.) but it was so perfect!

*I knew I'd have to really work on not crying all day for everything and nothing at the same time.  My mom gave me such an amazing gift:  A shadow box with some very memorable items from when I was first born.  I held it together as best as I could . . . watery eyes and a lump in the throat —but I managed to not break down and cry.  And then one of my bffs (of 14 yrs) handed me another gift:  in the gift bag was a super cute purse and a small bottle of lotion.  I see "Lamaze" on the bottle and think to myself, "I know I've seen this brand somewhere; what is this?"  And then I read: "Belly Cream".  There wasn't a single dry eye at our table (even a girl friend of mine that, seriously, NEVER cries, lol!).  My friend explained that she truly believes that I will have a baby in my belly some day and that lotion will come in handy...  ;)  What a sweet and thoughtful gift.  Later, at dinner, my father-in-law gave me a gift bag with my favorite box of Godiva chocolate and a small bag of Godiva truffles!!  Even though I can't have chocolate right now, I look forward to being able to break into that box and bag and enjoy a small taste in maybe a month or so! :)

So this is what life feels like at thirty? ... it feels amazing!

finished pottery piece!

Fun birthday present!
Painting pottery
delicious chocolates for future enjoyment!
More Godiva chocolates for future enjoyment!
My hippo cake from my hubby!

Carrot cake made by mom! (my favorite!)

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