December 26, 2012

Week 13: Peaches and Spaghetti

How far Along?
13 weeks on 12/26/12

How big are the Twinkies?
According to the The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:
At our last sono, on 12/24, the Twinkies were measuring just a hair away from 3 inches.  (showing that they are two days ahead)

How am I feeling?
I am finally feeling "normal" again.  Yes, I still have days where I'm tired; but most days, and most of each day, I have a desire to get something done or go out and do something.  It's way different from a few weeks ago.  My mood is normal.  My emotions feel much more calm (besides the tears).  I strongly believe that it has a lot to do with also finally feeling like this is real and happening now.  I don't have constant concerns about every little thing.  I feel the Twinkies a lot stronger now.  So, I feel that everyday, all day, I'm reminded that I am indeed pregnant with twins;  I won't wake up one day and have 'this dream' to tell Chris.  
I feel completely blessed and thankful!

  At my prenatal appointment, on 12/24, the scale actually showed that I went back down a half pound!  (Let's see what happens this week while our family enjoys some vacation time together...)

What do I miss?
Having a drawer full of underwear to choose from.  Yeah, a bit silly, I know.  But it's something I've been missing lately.  I'm kind of tired of the same 'ol maternity underwear (even though they are super duper comfy).

Sleeping on my tummy.  Have I already mentioned this?  It's a big one for me.  I was a tummy sleeper and it's tough falling asleep any other way.  I do, however, wake up, every now and then, on my belly.  I freak out, feel bad that the Twinkies might be smushed, and then realize they are still okay.  :)

Insomnia.  :(  Stuffy nose.  My lower back issues are flaring up.  Headaches.  Heartburn and reflux.  Endo aggravating me and flaring up way too often.

Routine doctor appointments.  I understand they need to check on me and the babies; but do I really need to go in to the office to talk about what prenatal vitamin I'm on and pee in a cup, again, to confirm that I'm still pregnant?  My first prenatal appointment was a complete waste of time, I felt.  First of all, it was Christmas Eve morning. 
I waited almost an hourI got a canvas tote bag, with the practice's name on it (so it's definitely something I'll never use again), filled with pamphlets and magazines that I don't need.  I didn't even see my doctor that visit.  It was just a nurse visit and we went over my, and Chris's, personal and family medical history.  We were briefly told about the prenatal testing that is recommended with each trimester... Something that could have been done at my first visit with my doc, or the one that is coming up.  I don't know.  I just don't want to overdo going in to the office when everything is going well. 

 Cantaloupe.  Spaghetti and meat sauce!!! Dunkin Donuts.  Barbacoa breakfast tacos.

The only thing I have given in to, so far, is the cantaloupe, once, and the spaghetti, once.  I do, however, plan on getting a lot more cantaloupe!!  ;)
Highlights of the week?
We went to Ikea and bought the cribs! :D   

Getting my 'good-mood' energy back has been such a wonderful feeling this week!

Another highlight was definitely when my mom went with us to our sono appointment, on the 24th.  It was her birthday and we thought it would be a great experience for her to remember.  It was wonderful having her there with us, sharing that joyous moment.  

 Belly Watch:

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