June 7, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

washing, drying, folding, hanging . . . loving our new washer and dryer!!

They were delivered yesterday so we are still learning all the settings.

Summer has been manageable. Field trips have been super fun! Last week we went to the Whitte museum

and also Ice Skating!!! KJ did such an AMAZING job on ice skates -all on her own!! :D

so, we are just lounging around . . . watching movies and working on laundry --which has been a ton 'o fun using our new front loading washer and dryer!! All sorts of buttons and settings but so far we love 'em! :D

Chris and K are currently out and about running errands. I'm hoping they purchase a bigger flower pot for my mother's day flowers. Those seeds that K planted for me on Mother's Day have grown a whole bunch and are now needing more room to bloom! :) ...I just got a call. Chris forgot his wallet here at home so I have to drive it over to him. No more nice quiet time. ha ha. ;)

I'm glad to be off tomorrow again! :D *oh, except for the 6:30pm meeting I have to attend. :P Pooey!

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