June 19, 2009


For those of you waiting for an update:

Surgery went well. All ovarian cysts were removed (I'll found out how many there were on the 29th), endo was removed, and my ovary and tube was put back where it belongs. It turns out that it had attached itself to the abdominal wall AGAIN! :( (which is what prob. caused the majority of the pain I was in). Also, unfortunately, more endometriosis was discovered --more than from my Nov. surgery. The doc didn't think that there would be much because it's "too soon", he said -from the last surgery but unfortunately it was actually more than what was there in Nov. --not good.

I started waking up too soon, again -last time i woke up right after surgery and my body went into a state of shock. So, this time I had told myself not to do that again . . . I remember starting to wake up and the tube was in my mouth still. it's very disorienting, waking up from anesthesia. I was biting on it and trying to swallow. The nurses were telling me to relax and calm down . . . after realizing and remembering where i was, what i was doing, what was going on, i told myself to go back to sleep. So, I did. But then I woke up again when they were removing my breathing tube....not fun. So, I remember telling the nurse that I felt like I was going to get sick from my stomach (slurring it out over and over until she understood me) and she gave me anti-nausea meds through my iv and I went back to sleep. Then I remember hearing all these voices and the machines and having to remind myself again of where I was and why I was in that strange strange state of mind . . . then I remember feeling scared and alone and slurring over and over "where's my husband? Can you call my husband? Where's my husband?..." It was sooooo hard getting them to understand me. My mind felt like I was talking correctly but the nurse kept saying "what hun?...you're okay..."

So, Chris and Kryssa were called to my bedside and I had to put a smile on my face --I had forgotten that Kryssa was with him . . . I 'came to' quite quickly after that. I didn't want Kryssa to get scared of what I looked like and how I sounded. (she still says that I sounded funny! hee hee --she was a brave girl!)

The nurse helped me get dressed and I slowwwwwwwly made my way to the potty . . . and then she asked if I felt well enough to go home. I was so happy and said yes!

Yesterday was amazing! I felt incredible. Other than the incisions and my achy belly -and sluggish speech and movements- I felt normal. ha ha. I couldn't believe how great I felt. My voice wasn't raspy like the time before (I basically lost my voice the first and second times)... I was thinking "FINALLY!!! I 'normal' recovery!!"

And then 8pm came . . . fever until 3am. :( by 5am I could NOT MOVE!!! :( The anesthesia affected my body -first time out of the 3 times-. I had no idea why my body hurt sooooo badly. I told Chris that the only way I can describe it is as if I fell off or jumped off a 2nd or 3rd floor of a building!!! :( Oh, it's HORRIBLE!! I feel as if I was brutally beaten and slammed to the floor over and over and over again. I can barely walk, move, eat, swallow, breathe, and everything in between. A nurse I spoke with today said that another patient (from another check up call) said the same thing! My doc and the nurse say it's a reaction from the anesthesia being absorbed by my body. Oh, and my doc prescribed me some antibiotics to take care of the fever. He also gave me his cell number in case I needed him during the weekend. He is the BEST doc EVER!!! :D He really takes amazing care of me and my family. :) Praise God for that.

So, I've been saying that I guess this is one of those times where it gets worse before it gets better . . . ? I thought I'd be dancing by today --with the way I was perfectly fine yesterday (until about 8pm).

So, now I am reminded every single (literally) breathing second --that I just had surgery yesterday and I AM recovering.

So, the great news is that we are going well on our plan for a pain free fight against Endometriosis (for more information on endometriosis visit
http://www.acog.org/publications/patient_education/bp013.cfm) and PCOD (for more info on PCOD you can visit this site http://www.drmalpani.com/book/chapter15.html I found it informative.). I just have to stay positive and recover well . . . then we keep a close eye on it and stick w/ the meds in our 'plan'. :D

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
I will keep you posted...

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