June 10, 2009

not my 'normal' wednesday

woke up. reset my alarm. woke up. got dressed. woke kryssa up. bathed kryssa. packed lunches, drinks, and snacks. headed to work. got stuck in traffic on I10 (blinking arrow made everyone slow down and believe the lane was closed --only to find out it WASN'T after we all scooted over!!!!). got to work. ran morning club. i did zoology today. talked about rainforest animals. drew, colored, cut and pasted. talked some more. and some more. cleaned up. went outside to play w/ dirt (haven't done that since i was a wee kid) --not really play w/ dirt but scrap and gather loose dirt in a cup. poured water in it. picked out earthworms (Jess purchased earthworms for our group -supposed to have been meal worms but store was out.) watched behaviors of the earthworm as it burrowed around in our cup. super GROSS!!!! yet quite fun.

lunch time. heard some amazing news. ate a bit. tossed my food aside to clean up vomit. yay. :| lectured kryssa before she got on the van for a mini field trip (a trip to a 'paint ceramic' place). ran afternoon club. I did cooking class -breakfast. had a blast! only one injury. minor cut from learning to cut apples :(. she's a-ok.

cleaned up. gathered last bit of energy. took out garbage. drove a co-worker home. went to heb. bought limes. came home. fed kryssa dinner. baked cupcake order. sat at computer for a bit. took out cupcakes. paced around --a bit confused and lost. don't know why i couldn't get my thoughts straight. ha. put kryssa in bed. she got grounded again today. booooooo. :(

made frosting. frosted cupcakes. cut limes. garnished cupcakes. packed 'em up and refrigerated 'em.

suprised how soon i finished everything --i don't know what to do w/ myself. not really. i still have to move laundry from downstairs. i won't have time to fold and put it all away tonight. i've been light headed and in an odd state of mind. can't really focus this evening. i'm just super tired and basically drained from here until sunday. ha ha. it takes me all of saturday -off from work- to be recovered by sunday. yeah. sounds about right.

yes. my blog is sooooooo grammatically incorrect -? is that even right?! ha.

my day in a nut shell. a HUGE nut shell.

what a day.
i'm ready for tomorrow.

I'll go shower. cuddle and sleep. I'm excited for tomorrow's field trip. we r going to Wonder World! haven't been there since i was 12 yrs old or so.

kj at the pottery place

Margarita cupcakes

*I'm editing a video of the day. I'll post it soon.

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