June 16, 2009

Going Under

wow, what a weekend...

Saturday: I cooked some yummy yummy fresh blueblerry pancakes (yes, a bit conceited, haha!) and turkey cheese omlets. Then I ended up being in bed the entire rest of the day -in and out of sleep, endo episodes were nuts and too frequent. I watched the entire Season 5 of House. Chris did a wonderful job grooming the front lawn.

Sunday: Started off super duper fantastic!! :D Chris, Kj, and I went to see the movie UP. We LOVED it!!! I SOOOO have to write this:

Carl Fredricksen(movie character): Do you want to play a game? It's called See Who Can Go the Longest Without Saying Anything.

Russell(movie character): Cool! My mom loves that game!

Kryssa (super loud and excited for everyone to hear): OH, I LUUUUUUV PLAYING THAT GAME TOO!!!

LOL!!!!! everyone around us looked right at her just laughing and laughing. Chris and I couldn't help cracking up either!! it was super duper cute the way she was soooo excited to hear about that 'game' in the movie!! lol

*all thanks to her bestest friend, Kaylani! Kaylani and Kryssa played that game, in the car, the whole way to Build-A-Bear, in May. That was Kryssa's first time learning and playing the game --and she sure luuuuved it! ;) (I did too!! hee hee)

From there we went to Costco! Lots 'o fun! :) We ate ice cream and a Churro as we walked around and shopped.

One NOT SO FUN part at Costco: some little girl ran up to kryssa and just scratched her on her face!!! How horrible! it was bleeding and all... So, now, because of the lack of control of another child, our child has a nasty cut on her face. Chris has been putting neosporine on it...

After Costco, we went to Chili's w/ poppa, for dinner. it was super duper yummy! By the end of dinner, my pains were too much to handle. I headed to the ER hoping to get some tests done --w/ the way it all felt (and other stuff that had been going on w/ the pains) I imagined there was another cyst taking my ovary hostage. I got to St. Luke's at 830pm and after hrs of waiting, my theory was confirmed. I was told to get some bed rest till the pain went away, to avoid heavy exertion, and to see my doc because of the size... I got home at 445am.

Monday: Albertina and Jo came to visit!!! :D it was wonderful!! Because of my recent doc orders, we didn't get a chance to go to Sea World or La Cantera, like we had planned. :( However, we did get to hang out and play w/ the girls!!! :D

I had a doc appt and we went over some options for tackling this endo and pcos. I'm scheduled for another surgery this Thursday, June 18th @ 10am. It's my third in 18months and God willing my last for a while... On sunday I am scheduled to start Yaz to 'suppress' my ovaries. My doc says if we can get them to stop working then I should be good to go for a longer period of time... and i'll continue on my pain meds as needed. I don't see why he can't just take my right one out! I don't want it. it doesn't like me and it's causing me so much pain. can't i survive w/ just one?!

So, all day today, I've been on day one of my pre-op diet. I've had graham crackers w/ milk, juices, coffee, corn, soft carrots, peas, bread . . . tomorrow I can only have liquids :p geeeeez!

I'm enjoying another cup of decaf. coffee...

my new pain meds work like a charm (not prefectly --but well enough to make me feel "good" and help me sleep, and take more of the pain away than the others did.

I will keep you posted. Pls pray for me. I'm a bit nervous. I thought I wouldn't really care much or be nervous this time around but I am more concerned about my recovery. That is the toughest part, from the experience of the last two. we'll see.

I'm so anxious though to be pain free again!! :D

i'll blog again soon...


  1. I am sooooo jealous that you made blueberry pancakes!! I wish I was over for breakfast!! lol Pancakes are my FAVORITE food!!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I will lift you up in prayer this evening and tomorrow. I can't imagine how nervous/anxious you must feel, but I know that God will keep you safe in His arms and that he will be with you through the whole surgery and recovery.

    Be Blessed and hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Thank you so much Mal. :) I appreciate it.

    I do remember reading about pancakes being your favorite food... ;)


    I'll blog again soon. I'll be limited to what I can do -as I lay in bed for days...