June 9, 2009

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh MY!


Today was a Zoo field trip. 36 students, 3 staff. I had 15; Sean had 14 and Jess had the rest. We had plenty of fun . . . hippos, zebras, elephants, flamingos, bears, alligators, crocodiles, snakes, frogs, monkeys, etc.

I'm am super EGG-SAUCE-TED!!!!

I really, truly, think these 'child care' jobs keep me from wanting more than just one! lol I was counting 1-15 about every 5 mins or so. No one got lost and that makes it a TERRIFIC day! lol. The fact that we had fun on top of that --makes it a superb day!

I could use a full body massage right now . . . I came straight home to shower and relax. I'm sooooo ready to catch my zzzzzz's tonight. :) as long as I don't accidentally over sleep. haha.

Oh! I finally bought something to transfer my mother's day flower to. . . it's a white metal . . . bin? tin? w/ handles.

OUCH! I definitely got burnt... :( I scratch an itch and then feel the pain creep in. Yeeouch! I personally can't see a difference in color --but I def. feel it when something rubs up against me.

Anyway . . . so, I'll be transferring my flowers over --some time soon.

Nighty night.
Hope you're all enjoying YOUR summer! :)

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