April 23, 2012


Traveling back to SA tonight, after Nate's baptism in Austin, she was explaining something (I wish I could remember exactly what she was saying) and ended her statement with "that's my hypothesis."  Chris and I busted out laughing!

We then went over some other wonderful "Kyrssa-isms":
  • When she went to the beach for the first time, at Padre Island, I was about to go boogie board and she started freaking out, crying, saying that she didn't want me to go.  Then she blurted out "Mom! Don't go into the ocean! You'll get lost at sea!!"
  • (3/30/12) We were at the Apple Store.  She asked if she could step away to play at a computer and we said that was fine.  She was approximately 5ft away from us, at that time.  We stepped about 7 more feet away from where she left us, thinking we could see her and everything was still fine.  Little did we know that since we didn't tell her that we were stepping a little further away that she was going to freak out and think she was lost.  She yelled out, "MOM??!".  The look on her face was pure fear of being lost.  I felt so bad for her; I quickly yelled out, "We're over here, baby; you're okay!"  She came running to us with her arms open wide, desperately needing to be held, saying, "WHY'D YOU LEAVE??!  YOU SCARED THE CREEPS OUT OF ME!!!".  (LOL).  We couldn't help but to laugh and we reassured her that she was okay because we still had an eye on her.  But we did apologize for not letting her know.  We told her that we wouldn't do that again --and she held on tightly to me for the rest of the night (because she had the creeps scared right out of her! hee hee)
  • One that I'm not too fond of, but I'm sure I'll enjoy remembering this one as she gets older... it used to be really funny to us when she would get upset at us over not getting her way and then, with her arms crossed and a stomping of a foot, say, "I'm so steamed." or "I'm so steamed with you." (yeah, I trying to get rid of that one now because it's really annoying always hearing it just because she doesn't get her way.  Although, I still think it's funny when Roxy, our little weenie dog, sneaks and eats KJ's food when she is turned and then I hear KJ yell, "ROXY!!  GO AWAY!  I'M SO STEAMED WITH YOU, ROXY!!".  lol...)

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