April 5, 2012

Today is the day...

Today, I will not be sharing the "I'M PREGNANT!" news.

I received my 25 wonderful little pouches of hpts. I immediately used one. Of course, by now, my mind can be very convincing and see a faint line on just about any test. So, I'm forcing myself to stay calm and level headed until I actually see some kind of PINK line -not a shadow, not a fuzz, etc.

I'm sad. I wish it would have shown up positive today. I know I'm testing SUPER early -I'm just super anxious because of allllll that my body has gone through in the last few days. But I also know that all, except two, are my normal daily symptoms (from meds, endo, and hormones). So, I'm still hopeful and super anxious.

I'm currently packing (well, supposed to be! lol I'm taking a little break) for our first *out of state* family vacation! This will be KJ's first time to fly on a plane. She's been talking (and asking) about flying on a plane since Chris and I went to Vegas in 2007. Chris and I havent even taken an out of state trip since 2008. Im ready to have some fun as a family -flying on a plane together and making great memories! We are going to Disney World (Originally we thought to go as a family for our 10th anniversary, this July, since we honeymooned there. But then we remembered how HOT it was in July 2002 --we very quickly changed our travel dates to spring time.) and the most exciting thing about this is that she has NO IDEA yet. It's a big surprise that we are going to reveal to her on Saturday morning when we wake her up. :D All she knows is that we are traveling to Austin to visit Auntie and her cousins; little does she know that we are going to fly to Florida the next morning. Im SO excited!! Chris will be streaming "the big reveal" live; if you're interested in watching, it will be on Ustream and just do a search for mrcmayfield. It will be sometime around 7:30am-8:00am (central time). Hopefully she has the excited reaction we are all hoping for. Lol. Knowing KJ, as different and surprising as she is, she could be the one child to have the opposite reaction! LOL

So, today was not the day of my long awaited BFP. Today is the day I pack and focus on our exciting vacation we have planned!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I'm sorry there was no BFP today.
    I will be sad with you.
    Hopefully you are able to focus on vacation and family time, and have loads of fun and relaxation (does that exist at Disney World? Lol!), and not worry about any pesky strips during your vacation! I can't wait to see/hear about KJ's reaction! So exciting!

  2. Thanks for your empathy, Monica. I still feel anxious and nervous to continue texting, since today was only 8dop. ;) Oh, and I haven't forgotten that you want to be the first to know about a BFP, other than Chris, of course. hee hee!

    I know for a fact that a "Mayfield" trip to Disney World will have NO form of relaxation! :( lol I'm scared! and we have already discussed the possibility of needed to rent wheel chair to prevent *this momma* from collapsing. hahaha