April 26, 2012

I've gotta get busy now

Saw the neurosurgeon on Monday. To sum it all up quickly, he said:

"a major surgery is needed to repair damaged disc"

"My first choice is not a major surgery on someone your age...try 3 months of physical therapy first . I'll see you back in three months and we'll go from there. "

"strengthen your core...work on losing some of this [pointing to the belly side of my MRI scan]"

"absolutely NO running. NO running at all for a long, LONG, very long time --well after you've recovered. Running will compress the lower spine and cause serious damage"

So, I am taking what he said very, very, seriously. Since I was about to buy a serious pair of running shoes and force myself back to running, I'm putting that money towards a gym membership instead. :). Right now, I think I've narrowed it down to either Gold's Gym (because they have a kids program/Childcare and a pool!) or Anytime Fitness (because it's closer, has 24hr access, and we get a discount through Chris's employer --but no childcare and no pool.). It's not an easy choice but I read a tip -to use the free trial passes offered at all the gyms I
Considering and then see which I really will benefit from.

At my appointment on Monday, the doc wiggled and pushed around on my lower spine, right where ALL the pain comes from, and well, it clicked and pulled and hurt with what he did. It's been in worse pain ever since, only getting worse and worse (or as kj insists on saying, "worser!") each day... I'm maxing out on my allowed daily pill intake -and the pain still ranges between a 6 (when the meds kick in) and an 8 (when it's time for the next dose)!! :(

I have my first PT appointment on Friday. I know that it gets worse before it gets better -since they will not be avoiding pain but helping me work through the pain to get past it. But at this point, 5 months of very limited mobility and suffering from excruciating pain, I'm ready to try another "something new" and pray for great results!



  1. I hope this all gets better soon Hun.... I'm placing you on my prayer list and your staying there for a very long time. I'm continuing to pray for you everyday.

  2. Mia...thank you so very much for your prayers :) I truly truly appreciate it