May 26, 2010

All my favorite shows are over . . . now what?!

nap time! :)
I normally catch up on my favorite shows, online, during nap time.  but now that they are over with . . . I have to find something else to do...

I had wanted to post these yesterday -but I got wrapped up with other 'stuff'.  So, I don't know if you are aware that I absolutely LOVE crazy, silly, fun socks!!!  I wear a pair as often as I possibly can -even if they don't match my clothes.  Chris enjoys laughing at them, of course.

this pair is one of my favs.  I don't remember where I got them from . . . but as I was walking from the hard floor to the carpet, a thread got caught on a nail or something.  :(  I tied the threads in a knot, hoping to help them last a bit longer.  lol how ridiculous, I know.  but these are one of my favs...

This is what I seemed to see all day.  Chris made it on Sunday.  It was supposed to be made on Mother's Day -by KJ and Chris.  However, there seems to be a pattern of buying something or prepping something for a gift for me (by Chris and Chris and KJ) and then I either never get it, I get it but it's not complete and never gets completed, I end up just making it myself, and there have also been times that I just keep "reminding" him that I'm still waiting for whatever it is ...

So, 2 weeks went by, after Mother's Day, and I finally got my chocolate cake!!  (I reminded him every chance I got!) It had been on the counter, not made, for one week, and then the second week it was put away in the cupboards.  Once, I got it, I couldn't help but enjoying EVERY bite.  hee hee  ooops . . . I only have a couple more bites left.  However, I do have to mention that I gave Monica about a sixth of the cake on Sunday night.  It sure is delicious!

 These are the Socks of the Day today!  :)

Do YOU have a favorite pair of "fun socks"?

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  1. i do have a favorite pair of socks. They would have to be my pink and black zebra stripe socks :) and also yay for chocolate cake!!