May 23, 2010

I should be mowing the grass...

But I'll blog instead.  hee hee --for now at least.  I plan on mowing when the sun goes down.

So, I had a wonderful day yesterday with my mom.  we went and saw Letters to Juliet.  We really enjoyed it.  After the movie we went to Bill Millers and talked and talked and talked ...  :)  She drove me home and I wish I didn't have to say goodbye.  That is only the second time, since having KJ, that I got 'alone time' with my mom.  All the other times that we get together, other people are present -such as KJ or my dad...

I soooo needed that mother daughter time and I sure hope it happens again real soon.  :)

I haven't tested again.  I don't "feel" pregnant, so I don't really feel a need to test just yet.  However, I still haven't started another cycle.  But with my history, that is my 'norm'.  So, I might test again this wednesday.  That would be two weeks later -from the last test.

my "baby" only has 8 days of kinder left!!  I can't believe it.  On June 3rd, she will be considered a First grader...  She is SUPER excited and I tear up every time.  hahaha

She went to a bday party yesterday, with her dad, and, well, he doesn't keep a close eye on preventing the spread of "germs".  :(  SO!  Last night, I hear her coughing and then she wakes up crying and saying that she doesn't feel good --her throat hurts.  :(  I ask Chris if he had her wash her hands before she ate and he said "she washed them after she went to the restroom."  --which is his way of saying "No.".  So, I wish she wouldn't have gone to a bday party with a bunch of kids, a moon bounce, and "open bar" food --Chris says that kids were all serving themselves with their little hands all in the food, at any given time of the party! -apparently, including my own kid.  :(  I can only imagine how many kids did NOT wash their hands before touching food.  Ugh!  it really bugs me how not everyone thinks the same way about germs.  Yes, I know that I can't protect her all the time.  I am aware that when she is at school that she has many times that I would have said "wash your hands first"  or "wash your hands when you are done with that..." and I know that she doesn't do it at school on her own.  However, when she is with one of us, I feel very strongly about doing everything possible to help remind her!  That's less germs that she will have to fight off.

So, KJ and I were up really late.  She kept coughing and coughing and complaining of a sore throat and then also had a moment where she said her tummy didn't feel good...  She seems "okay" today but she's is really warm and coughing a whole bunch!  :(

Today, is a lazy family day.  We are all just lounged around in the living room playing electronic games... it's calm, relaxing, and I don't want to get up and go clean the back yard.  But I will . . . in about another 30 mins or so.

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