May 11, 2010

another day off

Well, I used to wonder how wonderful it would be to not "have" to work. . . and here I am now, not working because the baby is sick and can't come but this is my 3rd work day in a row of no childcare work and I kind of don't know what to do with myself!! lol  I've already accomplished so many little projects and I don't feel like hiding in the office AGAIN, while cleaning it out.  Although, I am super excited for it to be completed.  I just over did it yesterday with chopping a piece of our front tree (root and all) to replant it in the back yard.  It was waaaaay more physical work than I have done in who knows how long.  My body was stiff as a board this morning.  lol  I'm still waddling around as the day goes on.

Continue with my "projects"?  or go visit a friend for a bit and THEN come work on the office?  hmmm . . .

On a different topic:
my 'day 1' is tomorrow but I really hope that a hpt is in my future instead of midol and 'munchies'.  lol  I had this pain in my belly yesterday -on the right side of my belly button, a little below.  At first, I thought my shorts were just cutting into my belly too much when I sat down.  Then I noticed that it had nothing to do with my shorts.  It felt like I had pulled a muscle or something.  It would hurt to stand up straight, laugh, bend over, etc.  I compared it to the pains of healing from incisions (from the laps --like if the muscle had been cut, separated, and was mending back together).  But then the thought occurred to me, 'what if these are the pains of early conception, like I felt with my first conception...I thought I had over worked my muscles or pulled something in my belly back than too and a day later I tested positive.'  I didn't want to think too much on that track because I don't want to get to deep with the whole TTC emotional roller coaster.  Well, later, the pains started spreading downward and I thought 'early conception?' again.

The pains eventually went away but now I am left curious .  .  . and anxious.  I have been keeping myself SUPER busy around here lately (if you knew all the organizing, cleaning, arranging, rearranging, my house has undergone, you would totally see how "busy" I have been keeping myself) so that I would not be inpatient with counting the days before I can test.

To me, it would be a miracle if I tested positive --especially in the first 'round'...

I will def. give some kind of update on this soon.

So, what does one do alone to enjoy "me" time
read (might just make me sleepy)
craft (I'm very interested in this one)
play an instrument (I stayed up past midnight playing guitar and having 'me' music time!)
cosmetics/grooming/mani/pedi...(eh, I don't really consider this "fun")
yard work (I might do some today --i've already watered the tree and it looks as though it might rain so the grass will get watered soon)
a movie (I'm so tempted and planning on looking up movie times)
shop (our budget shouts other wise)
...too bad I don't know anyone that plays tennis...  THIS ONE really sounds fun for today!!!  :(

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