April 16, 2008

a little about our trip to Maui

So, once again, I didn't blog soon enough to remember what I would have like to share . . . So, today is April 16th and I'm sorry it took this long to share the little bit that I remembered. So, it just kind of stops at the end --because I never came back to it. But I figured I would publish it finally -for those of you who had been asking. I've probably told you more stories about our trip in person than this blog would let you know . . .

Okay, so before too much time passes, I need to blog a bit about Hawaii . . .

we woke up Saturday, March 1st, well I slept until 9:30am and our day started. It was the day before we were to leave and he started our packing! shame on us, I know. ha ha ;) Well, no only did I need to get my packing done, I promised a Yum-Yummies cake to a friend of mine, for her bday (since we weren't even going to be in town to celebrate w/ her!).

Not only did I still need to pack for myself AND Kryssa, and bake and decorate a cake, I still needing to finish my shopping!!! lol, yes, I am a procrastinator -w/out an excuse. I just tend to work better under pressure, for some reason. Well, i just needed to purchase a couple of last minute items --and several hundred dollars later, again *ashamed* I finally returned back home, (even thought I had already spent waaaayyy too much money two days before . . . ) ready to start packing . . .

So, I whipped up the cake and put it in the oven. Then I packed a little until the cake needed to come out. I took the cake out and set it aside to cool -then I went and packed some more. my parents came over some time w/in all that craziness. We enjoyed a meal with them (or, chris did, while I packed away) -I whipped up the frosting and back to more packing. then they took kryssa for HER mini vacation w/ grandma and grandpa . . . it all hit me at that moment -that I wouldn't see her again until FRIDAY!! that's a long time for me . . . well, off they went and time for me to frost and decorate the cake!! We finally delivered the cake at around 8:30pm or so. THEN back home to finish packing!! ha ha . . . I finished packing at around 1am and then jumped in the shower. Chris had already showered and was snoozing by this point. Done showering and ready to do my toenails! LOL, I had to beautify myself for Hawaii, right?! Who cares about sleep . . . I'll get sleep . . . eventually!! After my pedicure, I had to wax up (I do my own waxing -which is really convenient when I need to get it done at 2:30am!!) -OUCH!!!

Jesse, our best friend, our ride to the airport, called -and woke chris up at 3:15am (right on schedule). I rush to get dressed -didn't need to do my hair since I was going to be traveling for 10 hrs- as chris and jess pack up the car. A quick run through to see if we got everything and out the door we go!!! So excited -and VERY nervous.

For some reason, at the last minute, before leaving the house I spray my body spray and toss it in my 'carry-on' bag . . . BIG MISTAKE!! I had no sleep and just wasn't thinking. Because everything else that I had been packing -I MADE SURE to stick to the 3oz liquid rule. :( Well, we pass through the bag check and I was asked to step aside. I thought I was going to be randomly, thoroughly, checked -but no. The lady pulled out my lotion and said it was good, pulled out my contact solution and said it was good . . . then pulled out my full-size, bath&body work, body spray and said it was the problem. I could have bonked myself on the head when I realized what I had done . . . she said I could go back out and HOPE that my luggage was still accessible. She walked me 'out' and off I went. Sadly, my luggage had already been sent off. I HAD TO THROUGH MY BODY SPRAY!!!!!! :( sniffle. I couldn't believe it! I sprayed up w/ it and then chunked it before passing through 'bag check' again. That spray was part of a bday gift from my sis. the sent was 'dancing waters' --a limited edition/seasonal scent. who knows if and when it will be available to purchase again . . . .AH, HOW SAD!!

Anyway, we wait for the food court to open and we ended up being paged to board the plane -it loaded a little before the time we expected and there we were, speeding down to our terminal w/ our food and carry-ons --how entertaining, I'm sure!! ha ha

So, to shorten this up a bit: i located my 'vomit baggy' and i'm set for take off!! ha ha (seriously, though --just in case. cause i get motion sick quite easily . . . ) during the flight, the sweetest compliment was given to us --well, a question in a compliment form: the flight attendant passed to offer drinks and asked us, w/ a big smile and a tinkle in her eye "y'all on your honeymoon?" --hee hee, we looked at each other and gave a huge grin and replied "No, going on 6 yrs of marriage." She mentioned that we look like we just got married or something . . . hee hee! Yay! I'll take that any time!!

We watched August rush on our second flight . . . I didn't get much sleep at all . . . 10 mins here and there. Everyone was right: don't plan on sleeping on the plane. It's just so uncomfortable and you won't really get sleep.

Day 1:

Arrive to pick up luggage and get greeted w/ a beautiful fresh lei.
check in to resort and are blown away w/ the first view -while stepping out of the vehicle. I started crying -due to the BEAUTY!! and thankfulness!!
Day 1 was a 'me and chris' day, entirely. the majority of WaMu peeps were scheduled to arrive the next day (when all the WaMu events would start)

Day 2: Evening welcome ceremony in the evening -luau, buffet, and an awesome show of cultural dancing. :D
we rented/reserved a kayak and then went to purchase water shoes. by the time we got back to our room, ate lunch, changed and covered ourselves w/ sunscreen, and walked back to the beach to get our kayak, we were informed that we wouldn't get the full hour that we paid for because they were closing in 40 mins! we never bothered to ask what time they closed and no one every bothered to inform us either! Grr . . . So, we canceled and said we'd go back the following day. ha ha

We thought to still enjoy the beach and water -since we took so much time getting ready for sun and water . . . but one touch of that COLD ocean water and back we went. LOL we were cracking up the whole way because we are such wimps when it comes to cold water!! ha ha.

Instead, we went to enjoy the serenity pool. it's a very nice, peaceful area. :) the water wasn't as warm as we would have liked it to be BUT we forced ourselves to get in and enjoy it.

Day 3: Group breakfast -yummy fruit, once again!!!!! Amazing weather and views . . .
WaMu "leadership session" --boring but I went to

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