August 29, 2007

wow, long time no see

So, it's been a while since I've been here --to blog--.

Um, let's see.  I think I have realized that I will never finish our Vegas Trip blog  .  So, something that I can blog about --Chris's bday celebration/bday!!  He had a blast!  My gift to him was getting VIP @ Bliss Ultra Lounge.  He felt special --and I felt great being able to do something like that for him.  Now, I don't know that I will EVER pay that kind of money for Grey Goose again . . . SERIOUSLY!!!  And the part that bugs me a bit more than the total at the end of the night (which doesn't really bug me because I knew how much it was going to be . . . ) is that everyone else probably had more drinks from what I purchased for the bday boy than he did!!  I mean, not that I didn't want others to drink what was there --that's not what I mean at all!-- I just wish that Chris didn't get back up to our section and ask "it's all gone already?!"   Well, either way, I didn't want him to get drunk or wasted or whatever else could happen with too much alcohol --So, all in all, it really worked out wonderfully.  I looked at it this way:  the money that I payed was mainly for the VIP section (I could have gotten the smaller VIP but what's the fun in that?!  I wanted him to "party like a rock star" -as everyone told him to, ha ha ha and how could he do that if he would have just blended in with everyone else?! --Chris has to have the BEST, right?!  --so, yes, the money was mainly for the section, not really the alcohol because there is no way that was a 'normal' price for those bottles!! -- so, our section ROCKED and it sure is a celebration that he enjoyed --it seems like everyone else did too.  And THAT's what's important.  A nice group of people went out to celebrate with him (mainly WaMu peeps --with the exception of 4, me included.) and everyone got their "groove" on . . . some waaaay more than others!! LOL  --so, I probably ended up saving some money compared to renting out a facility, purchasing food and drinks, booking a dj and so on . . . see?!  ha ha ha

So, some of you know, 'Mishelly doesn't ger her groove on these days' . . . only in the privacy of my own home!! ha ha ha.  Well, I got bold and went down to dance --until I kept on getting grabbed and touched by one particular guy.  And where was my honey?!  Up there sitting w/ friends!!  The only reason I had gone down to dance was because he wanted me to and then he some how relocated back up there . . .?  So, the first time this guy put his hands on me was like this:  I'm dancing with two other girls and out of no where I feel this hand on my hip/waist.  I KNEW it wasn't Chris, just by the touch (you just know your man's touch!! --and that sure wasn't Chris --UGH!!!).  So, I give him some 'UGH' look and flick his hand off as I continue to dance and move away from him. He got closer to us girls and started trying to show off his dance moves.  When no one responded to him --we all kind of shifted away from him and kept dancing (ignoring him so he would just leave)-- he "smoothly" danced across to another group of girls to "groove" with.  ha ha . . . Well, another song or two later, the same guy passes, and yes, it was crowded by this time so you either wait until people move out of your way or you squeeeeeze through --not my type of environment!!-- so he squeezed through once, right up agains my but -pausing to hold on to me- I basically shoved my elbows  around (while continuing to dance) as I moved away --then he passed again!!  This time his hand somehow finds its way to my butt!!!!!  AH!! "OH NO HE DI-N'T!!!" I was soooooo upset and disgusted --I WASN'T THERE FOR ANY OTHER REASON BUT TO CELEBRATE WITH MY HUSBAND!!-- So, I turn around, throw his hand off of me and scream out "EXCUSE ME!!" ( even if I wasn't mad, I would have had to scream, the music is beyond "loud" in that place.)  I couldn't even dance anymore; I was so irritated --Chris was there with me the last two times that guy passed.  But it's so crowded, chris didn't know anything until I told him -after it had already happened.  Then Chris just danced behind me and if 'dude' wanted to come up and grab again --haha-- he would have had to squeeze between me and chris . . . I couldn't believe it.  I mean, I don't fit in with the super slim, short dress, high heeled, flirty dancin' gals (which, I'm not judging . . . or at least, I don't mean to, but I could probably understand a little better if I fit that "super hot and sexy, asking for it" image --I seriously doubt I did.  There were plenty of young ladies who were there to dance with 'people', I saw them . . . so maybe that's what upset me most.  I was not, in any way, trying to get that type of "grabby" attention --I could have slapped him!! (which I really wanted to --but then again, I am the one that chose to go there, right?! . . . so, I guess I didn't feel I could get that upset --maybe I'm wrong, but that is what I imagined going out to a club would be like?!?)

Anyway --so, I went back up to our section . . . and I took a moment to just watch how that 'guy' was just moving from lady to lady trying to get a positive response, I guess.  Later in the night, I managed to make my way to the restrooms, this time alone (lol, yes, I normally go in a group --especially in a place like that! ha ha).  Well, by that time, late in the night, I was soooo exhausted and the look on my face seemed to be in need of a smile --or so I was told . . . lol.  A tall blk guy puts his hand on my back, as I pass by, like he knows it's okay to touch me or something, and says,

guy: "you should smile."

me: "HUH?!"

guy: "I saw you dancing earlier and you have such a beautiful smile.  You really should smile more."

me:"Oh.  I'm tired." (as I walk off to the restroom)

lol.  It took me a while to realize that I was in a place where people use corny lines like that!! lol.  I can't say that anything like that had ever been said to me --so, as I was in the restroom, I realized that my reaction probably wasn't what he was hoping for.  In my mind, when he was telling me that I should smile more, I was thinking to myself, "I really have to pee.  Why exactly do you feel the need to care if I smile or not?!? --where did you come from?!" ha ha ha  It wasn't 'till I got back to sit down, and share what had just happened, that I was told what a lame, old, corny pick up line that was.  Then I was like "OH!!  (ha ha) He was really hoping to 'pick' up a lady that way?" --then I realized why I never really chose to live the "club" scene.  I probably came off as rude (or another word) to those guys --but I wasn't there for them; so, they just irritated me . . . and then made me laugh.  Poor them; they were really hoping to meet someone that night and they were just wasting their precious "skill" on rude 'ol, married, un-interested, Me. 

Other than the 'stuff' that annoyed me, I had a blast!!  I danced, w/ a girlfriend, on one of those table/bench things --just for the heck of having fun!  I took a whole bunch of photos of things that some people might not even remember they did!! ha ha ha  Chris thought it would be funny to say "we should do this every weekend!" --I thought he was joking . . . and then I realized that he wasn't.  Opposites sure do attract! hee hee

So, for his bday, I made him a dozen JUMBO Funfetti cupcakes (his favorite, of course: funfetti!!) w/ chocolate covered strawberries.    Those were for his work and for the house, I made him a vanilla cake, filled with strawberry, frosted with cream cheese frosting and topped with chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate drizzle.

I sure hope he enjoyed his 26th celebration . . . I'm pooooooped!! ha ha ha -sorry it was so long.  I guess I had a bit more than usual to share -hee hee.

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