August 8, 2007

here's the news

There is nothing exciting to share  -sorry.
I will start the meds again soon and the doctor is giving me double the dose of clomid this time around.  I know that God has perfect timing -I'm just really looking forward to that "time" .
I'm still going to my spa treatment -which I hope feels really good and not causes more pain -for whatever reason?!
My next appt with the doctor will be on Sept. 21. 

**Oh, and by the way, Pinky did end up getting car sick again today -on the way over there and on the way back too!!! -UGH!   So, the vet gave her some meds for me to keep on hand for our next car ride (who knows when that will be though).  My kitties are healthy and they got the all clear!!   Now they can get declawed!!! Woohoo!!

Hopefully I can enjoy my me time to either just think about absolutely nothing OR reflect on life and how wonderful everything is -what I do have to be greatful for . . . --No, I'm not depressed over the "news" or anything like that -but some good "me time" is needed.  So, thank God for my 2 hours tonight.

There are many other things to stay busy with:  Kryssa's party, Chris's Party, my Party!! -hee hee, 1st day of school, the little 9month old's first day ---and everyone else's pregnancies!!!  At least I have that, right?  Seriously!!    Oh, and Chris gets off early tomorrow and then he's off all day on Friday, for Kryssa's bday . . . Oh my!!  I can't believe "Friday" is just a day and a half away?!?  My little "baby" will be 3!!!  Eeeek!

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