August 7, 2007

animals, animals, and celebrations

Okay, so today we had a Zoo field trip.  It went very well.  I have some pics that I will add to my album soon.
Tomorrow, the kitties have a vet appt at 8:30am!!  That's super early for me -to be driving my pets around -ha ha ha
Then I plan on having lunch with my dad -after getting the cats back home and hopefully not having a mess to clean up (pinky gets car sick every time :( YUCK!)
Kryssa will go to Tia Monica's by 1pm and then at 1:30pm I have an appt. with my doctor  -Only God knows the news I will hear . . .
After picking Kryssa back up we will run some final errands for her birthday.  Then at 6:45pm I will begin my 2 hour pampering session at Spa d'sante!!! I'm soooooo excited for that.   And daddy and Kryssa will do who knows what kind of "Fun" daddy stuff that goes on when I'm not around -lol!! --So, no matter what news I get at my appt., I will have my spa appt. to look forward to.  --I'm ready . . .
Well, nighty night.  I have so much on my mind but it is cuddle time!!  and I must put the rest in God's hands . . .
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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