August 20, 2007

it's all about the bling --until...

the same bling keeps costing more money!!

Well, I'll start of with saying that I love my wedding rings!  When I don't wear them, I feel naked .  Well, the story goes . . .
On August 10th, we went to get our rings cleaned and inspected.  We dropped them off and then walked around for 5 mins or so.  When we went back, anxious to see them all sparkly and pretty, we were told that she couldn't clean them because about 4 diamonds on Chris's band were a little loose and ALL of the diamonds on my band were extremely loose!!!   So, she couldn't even sign off on the inspection . . . She put them in little bags until we could take them in to get repaired.  We were at Ingram and since we are closer to La Cantera, we just asked for the total estimate and then we would drop them off at La Cantera.  Well, they are just sitting on the counter for now .  It's such a sad sad story -lol.
After having Kryssa, I had to get my rings resized -slightly bigger-.  I was shocked with how much it all came out to ---when you add it all up:  $ to seperate all three rings, $ to resize all three rings, $ to re-solder all three rings back together, $$$ to re-engrave my wedding band (something like $5 for the first 5 characters and then $1.75 per character after that --my ring had approx. 22 characters!!!!) --so, you add it all up and it turned out to be about 200 dollars or so.  Well, now I have to pay for my stones to be reset?!  It's $15 per stone or $45 for four or more --so It's going to be $30-$45 for Chris's band,  and for my set it is going to be $__ to get them separated, $45 for my wedding band stones to be reset, $___ to get them re-soldered back together, and that's hoping that none of the engagement stones need to be re-set!!!   Boooo hoooo!!!  (While I'm at it, I should get the little nuggets re-done too -the wear and tear on this set was not explained to us!! ha ha --I just have to remind myself that they are 5 years old already --plus some months on the engagement rings. )  I just can't believe it.  I mean, I love them, they're beautiful --but we are thinking about  going to purchase some simple wedding bands to wear for everyday use and only wear our actual wedding set for special occassions/every now and then.  How sad!!  I'm sure mine was worse because my ring gets bumped quite a bit due to the way the solitare sticks out . . . not that it's super HUGE or anything -lol!!  It's just easy to bump on things because it's not flush with the other bands . . .
So, I am a little excited to shop around for a new wedding band -but it's somewhat sad to think that my beautiful wedding set might not be on my finger every day . . . sniffle!  I'm sooo tempted just to take my chances and wear it after it gets fixed --I mean, it did last five years before it needed to be reset, right?!    So, approx. $90 on resetting my rings every five years or so isn't bad at all -when you think of it that way, right? hee hee
So, Diamonds are a girls' best friend -until they start costing an extra couple hundred every year -on top of what your man already paid!!! 
Well, at least Kryssa got something good out of our ring browsing.  Chris bought her the cutest little flower earrings at James Avery!!  --They look soooo cute on her

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