September 2, 2007

plain and simple is GREAT!

Yay!  So, we went to James Avery and bought new wedding bands today!!!
Five years ago, it was about the "bling" --now, it's just about not ruining the "bling".  So, we bought plain wedding bands to wear 'everyday' and then every now and then -plus special occasions- we will enjoy wearing our original sets.  Yes, it's a little sad.  But now that we haven't been wearing anything since August 10, plain is just as wonderful for us.  It felt like we had just said "I do" all over again --we kept, okay, well, maybe it was just me -ha ha, I kept looking at the rings saying "Yay!!  We have rings on again!!" --you know, like when you first get an engagement ring or your wedding rings, you look at it/them and get all excited to have a 'ring' on that finger!!
Wow, we could have saved some serious money buying something like this in the very beginning -ha ha ha . . . oh well, that's how one learns, right?!

Today was just a day of walking almost all the stores at 1604/Bandera.  Well, I guess we didn't make to to very many stores -we were out for about 7 hours or so but we just lasted so long in each store:  James Avery (our rings!), Family Christian Store (a "Smile, God Loves You" decal for my car -yay!!), TJMax (some "stuff" for me), Linens & Things (a chocolate fountain!! --great deal:  it was the display, on clearance, for only 10 dollars!!!  Regular price is 50 . . . super cool, huh?!?  , and some fun "stuff" for the house), Barnes & Noble ('For Men Only' --because I bought 'For Women Only' last week and it's such a great book.  When I found out there was one for men, we just had to get it!!--, and 'The Five Love Languages'), then we went to Half Price books (New Bible, a fiction that I've been wanting, a calendar/planner for '08).  After all that, it was already 9:30pm or so and we were starving  --so we tried Salsalitos for the very first time.  It was sooo delicious.  We have decided that there is no need to drive all the way to Gringo's now, when ever we are in the mood for good mexican food  -hee hee !!
Tomorrow we are having a picnic, if Kryssa is better (she got some serious ant bites and ended up needing antibiotics due to too much venom in one particular area.  her hand was soooo super swollen and then today she was running a temp off and on  --poor thing.  She has her super cranky moments when those bites start bugging her . . .).  So, we'll see how tomorrow goes . . .
night night.  We had rented a movie for tonight -but Chris crashed on the couch a while ago --he's had a horrible headache since about 9pm or so.  I sure hope my loved ones feel better tomorrow. 
enjoy the rest of your weekend -hopefully you have monday off!!!

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