January 9, 2014

Recipe: Tuna with baby spinach (one of my top favorites)

It's so easy to prepare and it takes very little time.  In just minutes you'll be enjoying a yummy healthy snack or meal (depending on portion).

Solid white tuna, packed in water. 
Baby spinach
Sea salt
Black pepper
Green olives
Lime or Lemon (optional)

What I like about this quick meal, besides the fact that I LOVE tuna, there are so many different ways to enjoy it.  Add your favorite
veggies and seasonings, or create a new version every time!

I like to chop up a few handfuls of spinach leaves, just a bit (or else I feel like a giraffe munching away.  Not the prettiest site either. Ha!)
I drain out as much water as possible from the tuna and plop it on top of the spinach.  Today I seasoned it with sea salt and black pepper and topped it off with a few green olives (kalamata ilives are my favorite though).  Normally, I have a lime available and squeeze a nice amount on top. But it still tasted yummy without it today. 

It was a perfect serving to hold me over while I nursed Elly.  I was able to prepare and scarf it down within 15 minutes. I know I shouldn't eat so quickly, but Elly was pretty much yelling at me, letting me know she was ready to eat too. ;)

I also have a can of salmon that I'd like to try soon. I'm just a little chicken about it because last time I tasted salmon, in 2007 (hehe, I know it's been a long time), I did not like the texture nor did I like the flavor.  I'm hoping my taste buds have changed since then. And maybe it was the way it was prepared?

Hmm, maybe I'll be brave and try it this week...

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