May 19, 2009

We are here! We are here! We are here! (from Horton Hears A Who)

It's been so long. My fingers want to just dance along the keyboard, typing two hundred wpm!!! So, since the last blog, I have tackled 4 of my deadlines/meetings/trainings --I have . . . oh, my bad, make that 5! :D I only have tonight's meeting, Thursday night's meeting, and a Friday mandatory staff day for cleaning, prepping, and then at night we met at D&B's for a Team training event!! June 1st is our first day of summer camp. So, there's still a lot going on --but it's almost smoothing out, I think! lol This will be my first summer w/ them so I have no idea what's about to start!! ha ha!

I was off yesterday; except for the fact that I worked a full 5 hrs from my dining table! :( I was supposed to be off . . . off from on-site hrs but not from a deadline. Today, I'm also off from on-site but have to be in at 6:45pm for a Summer Orientation that starts at 7pm. Yay! I get to introduce myself to all of our summer parents... (yes, a bit of sarcasm)

It's unfortunate that I've been working so much lately because I didn't even know what to do yesterday . . . besides figure out a plan to get laundry done. Same I am blogging and getting laundry done. Even Kryssa has been asking why we aren't going to work! ha! She's so used to our work schedule that it is just as strange to her to stay home. I told Chris yesterday "I wasn't home cause I was sick . . . just because I was off. I don't even know what to do. How sad!"

Our weekend was great! :D Saturday, Kryssa got to dress up in her 'dress up' attire: princess dress, high heels and pearls!! hee hee She attended a Princess Tea Party for her best friend's 5th bday party. It was sooo super cute to see everyone all dressed up in heels and make up (which I totally forgot to do!! I'm not used to putting make up on her --she actually normally does it all on her own. So, it didn't cross my mind until I saw the others...) Then Kryssa and I took the bday girl to Build A Bear. I had a blast!! They were so cute picking out their teddy bears and deciding on clothes, etc . . . they made best friend bears (each bear has two hearts, from both of the best friends! So, now even the bears are BFFs!! haha)

Sunday, I had to, once again, work from home . . . BUT Chris installed our new sink and faucet!!! :D Our kitchen looks great!! It's 8 1/4" deep, double, but one side is standard and one side is longer. So there is plenty of space for bake ware, pots and pans, etc.!! Plus our new hardware has a detachable faucet head that is the sprayer . . . it has a button to switch from faucet spout to spray mode and it also has a built in soap dispenser on the side of the sink. We LOVE it!! I'm so proud of Chris for being my super sexy handy man!! ;) hee hee (he's working his way up: first it was door hardware then light fixtures and ceiling fans. Then in ground sprinklers, furniture and garage door openers . . . now sinks, plumbing, and faucets!! Woohooo!!)

Laundry, I hear you . . . I must free you from the cramped laundry bins and let your cleanliness shine on hangers and in drawers. Same for you, stinky, dirty, laundry . . . time to freshen you up and let you join in on the clean fun... yes, I'm coming to rescue you ...

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