May 19, 2009

My love for Etsy

If you haven't already, you MUST discover the wonderful items on! Really, take some time and browse browse browse. I could find millions of things I want on that site. I love the prices --super reasonable. The shipping --unbelievably reasonable. The best part --knowing that it's someone's business. It's nothing like walking into a store and purchasing something that was shipped from who knows where and created piece by piece by machines and who knows who . . .

Everything is so unique. Oh, Etsy, I've loved you from hello. (super corny I know. But I really can't get enough of it --now, if only I had the money to spend on what I want . . . lol)

What got me hooked!
I love 'em and I want 'em.
*soon little cupcakes . . . you'll be all mine! Bwuahahahahaha.*

Kryssa, is obsessed w/ soap. Seriously. She wasted a whole 1/4 of a bottle of hand soap last night and about 2 inches of my wonderful Bath & Body Works antibacterial hands soap! :( She had her consequences and said she understood not to do it again. Yet, here she came, a few mins ago saying that she likes her hands "creamy". I look at them and they still have a thick layer of soap. I tell her to go rinse it off so it doesn't get in her eye. She comes back and says "mom, they're still creamy." I look at them and they are creamier than the time before; so I ask if she put more soap instead of just rinsing them off. She admits to it and I reminded her NOT to play w/ the soap, not to waste it and to JUST rinse them --"NO MORE SOAP!" Geez!!! lol. I thought she learned her lesson last night.

I guess it's better than just not washing her hands --or not using soap period. I don't know.

I braided little french braids, one on left, one on the right (like piggy tails, I guess). Too bad I can't find my camera. She looks so cute in her little summer dress and braids. it was like torture for her -to sit there and let me braid her hair. If I tugged just a centimeter, she cried and said "you're hurting me. Why you always hurting me Mom?!" lol. I suppose that keeping her hair short for most of her life created this sensitive head syndrome --I can't even brush her hair these days!! I'm soooo ready to just cut it off again (less tangles, no crying, a clippy and viola!).

I think I'm finally enjoying my day off today. Too bad today is the day that I have to be there for the meeting . . . waaaaah!


  1. Have her discover lotion. lol And... I LOVE etsy!

  2. Nikki,

    KJ does NOT like lotion. She doesn't like the "sticky" feeling (when it's drying...). She acts like I'm trying to put eye drops in or something just trying to lotion her up whens she wears dresses! haha!