February 4, 2008

ALOHA ko'u makamaka!!! (hello my friend)

OF COURSE, I HAVE to blog about this.

WE'RE GOING TO HAWAII ! ! ! I'm soooo thankful --it's such a blessing. We will leave Monday, March 3, 2008 and it's "all expense paid"!! How awesome is that?! Oh, Praise God! :D So, we are looking into extending our stay . . . we will try to find a good deal tonight. We're still a little shocked right now.

Chris got home and came upstairs with a bottle of "bubbly" and some champagne glasses (of course, I just took a little sip to toast.) . . . we are soooo celebrating -lol!

So, we get to choose our flight times and activities (one day has a list of activities to choose from -also included!). The itinerary shows a luau, WaMuparty, or gala planned for each night. it's going to be sooooo . . . AMAZING!!

Right now, Chris is filling out all the info for our vacation and we are picking our restaurants, activities, etc. . We are finding out more and MORE wonderful things that are included --I thought that we were only getting one or two 'WaMu' meals a day -including 5 star restaurants, or luau buffets- BUT it turns out that even when we have 'leisure' time for meals (where I thought we would use our own spending money), it's really included with our 'hotel room credit' -we just run up the tab (we have a limit, of course) and WaMu covers it!!!!!! Oh, what a blessing!!

Me, Oh MY . . . I just don't know how many more little wonderful surprises we can handle . . . I mean, the more the merrier. ha ha So, Chris just found out that anyone leaving from Texas -and a couple of other 'lucky' states- have the option of flying in on the 2nd and it's ALL EXPENSE PAID TOO!!!! I don't know how or why -but it's just another little blessing (well, BIG in our eyes) in disguise. :D So, we actually get to get there on the 2nd and it's a totally FREE day (WaMu itinerary wise) -for us to do whatever we want!!

we're counting down now!!

So, instead of leaving on the 3rd . . . it turns out we get to leave as early as March 2nd!!

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