February 26, 2008

"It's getting late!"

Kryssa woke up from a late nap and was waiting patiently for her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She happened to realize that it was getting late in the day; so, she asked "Is it getting dark outside?" She went to peek outside to check and replied, "It's getting late! But it's not dark outside yet. It's 29-8-95 'o clock!!"

lol. I repeated it in question and she said "yes, it is." So, then I told her, "yes, it sure is late, huh?" She kept on looking outside and then said, "I'm good at counting numbers when it's getting late outside."

I think it's about time we start learning how to 'tell' time.

So, I must wrap this blog up; it's getting late. It's "29-8-95 'o clock already! Time for dinner.


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