February 29, 2008

haven't started packing yet

I know, I know, I'm SO behind on packing for our trip but I have had so many other things that needed to be done first -having nothing to do w/ the trip- that I wasn't able to focus on 'the trip' until today!! Yikes!! BUT I'm soooooooo excited. :D

I've been wanting to buy Chris a nice watch -for his most recent promotion- and I thought "what better time to present it to him but for our Hawaii trip (that is due to his performance at work!!) . . . BUT because I am NOT so good at hiding (or keeping) a surprises, hee hee, I came up with a GREAT excuse to give it to him tonight, instead of Sunday (after settling in our hotel). See, if I want him to be able to wear and enjoy it WHILE on our trip, he would have to get it now so he could get it sized before leaving!! RIGHT?! hee hee ;)

So, I gave it to him tonight and I was as excited as a Kid giving out Christmas gifts!!! He loves it -just as I hoped!! I couldn't decide between Seiko and Bulova - I knew I wanted it to have 'some' diamonds and Seiko only offered a watch that had 32 diamonds . . . NOT IN MY BUDGET!! ha ha . . . So, Bulova had something more along the lines of what I was looking for (3 diamods -haha, much less diamonds but still very nice, I thought!). So, this is what I chose for him :D

Aaaaaand . . . I FINALLY did my shopping!!! Woohoo!! I have some really fun, cute, clothes for our trip!! I bought dresses. All I need to buy, well, I still have quite of bit, BUT, I still HAVE to buy an evening gown. how crazy is that?! An evening gown?! For the awards ceremony (where my Hubby will be recognized and receive his award!!!!!), the attire is "Black tie optional" -but for the women, it says "After Five or Evening Gown". So, evening gown it is. :)

so, so far . . . everything is running as smooth as possible . . .

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