January 27, 2008

how many flavors are there?

so, i have about 4 more antibiotic pills to take . . . Oh, I can't wait to be done with them. I was told that it is a strong one that could basically eat through my stomach --killing ALL bacteria-- so that I should eat yogurt after EVERY pill (i take an antibiotic pill 3 times a day!). I am sooooo sick of yogurt!! lol --seriously! I don't have to take them at any particular time. The nurse suggested spreading them out throughout the day -so I am stuck eating yogurt 3 times a day at any odd hour of the day --even when I'm not hungry. it makes it very hard to willingly eat yogurt when i am already full and know that I will feel ucky and nauseous after eating the serving of yogurt --what a litty non-important ANNOYING 'thing', huh?! ha ha :(

So, here I am . . . eating my yogurt. This one is 'harvest peach' --i'm running out of flavors to enjoy. I have on more day plus one pill --it's a 5 day dose-. I'm almost done -yay!!! :D

I am sooo close to 'normal' -ha ha!! We've had a nice day today --keep chris in prayer, he got hit w/ fever and a bad cold. :(

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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