July 24, 2007

Orange is just not my color!

So, I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers (prayed actually) -as my hair was being "foiled".  I got some light brown "mocha" highlights in my hair.  I'm not sure that it's "mocha".  lol, it's orange!! lol.  My neice likes it and Chris says he likes it but I'm just not sure what I think of it yet.  To me, it looks orange.  My main goal was to cover up my white hair -yes, I had enough to need highlights to cover them up  - but now, I miss having just that patch of white to hide.  Unlike this huge patch of orange hair (my entire head!) I have to figure out how to style.   I was told -thankfully- though that if I really don't like the color after a few days that I can go back and get it changed either to a different color or back to my original color (basically color it anyway) . .  
Well, I got it trimmed and cleaned up so I am pretty okay about that.  Growing hair out is never really an exciting process . . .
Today was the first time that I spent hours and hours and hours in a salon -for myself.  It was pretty enjoyable.  Now, it would have really been nice if Kryssa was with her daddy -but he was at work and we do what we have to.  Kryssa was GREAT.  She stayed in her stroller while I got my face 'done' and then while I got my haircut and color.  When I was done, I let her push her stroller around the store until Marguerite's "fun" was finished -she got a manicure and some super cool, young, highlights (plum red and blonde) added to her hair.  Then we all went out for ice cream!  Yum!!  --Chris met up with us and almost passed out when he heard our total bill! LOL ( I don't normally spend more than just a hair cut . . .actually, that's all I've ever spent. ha ha)
Today was also the first time that I got waxed and threaded ---Yee-OUCH!!!  Talk about some serious pain!  Me Oh MY!!  Lol . . . but I love all the results.  I just need to figure out how I can style my hair to look more like "me". --and then I'll really be happy about our salon day.
It was a nice pampering day -and Kryssa was amazing . . .
On a different note . . .  Chris is going out of town on business.    He will leave tomorrow and be back on Wednesday night.  I know, I know, it's only one night and a couple of days -but it's still tough.  I will miss him.  Just keep him in prayer that he stays safe during his trip and hotel stay.  Aw, I'm really going to miss my honey-bun. 

 . . . sniffle . . .

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