July 18, 2007

This must stop!!!

Oh Man!!  I am just now coming up to bed -we stayed up playing the wii, Marguerite and I.  Chris has been sleeping -he works bright and early tomorrow, poor thing.  My first day back to work will be this Thursday.  I must get back on SA time before then or I will sooooo be hurting Thursday morning. 
I can't believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already.  We have been back since Saturday, the 14th, @ 11:30pm, and it has gone by soooo fast . . . I thought I would have been back on schedule by now -but nope! 
So, I know that I need to finish up my Vegas trip blog . . . I don't know what will become of it, though.  Honestly, there's just too much to write about.  I might just post it in pieces -we'll see.
Good night --I'm going to snuggle now . . . and make my eyes stay shut .  .  .

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