July 30, 2007

This is how it goes

Well, it is late and I don't want to stay up much longer -but here is a little update of what's been going on:
Marguerite, my niece, headed back home today.    She had been in SA since the 9th of July and she had stayed with us since the 14th.  I had such a wonderful time -I hope she did too-.  It's hard to believe that my nieces are so "grown up" already . . .
Well, I got to see more family this weekend too.  My other niece, Jensyn, was in town along with 3 of my other sisters.  I enjoyed getting to see them -even though it wasn't for long
Well, Thursday I worked and then we went to church for rehearsal. 
Friday, Marguerite baked cupcakes and we picked up Jensyn to join us for a road trip to Austin.  It was GREAT!!  So, I got to see another sister too!!  Ha ha, all four sisters in one weekend?!  Wow, God is good!!!   Well, I had to drop off the girls at the hotel (with their moms) on our way back in to SA -so I didn't get home until 3:30AM!!!!  Wow, what an adventure!  lol
Saturday, Chris, Kryssa and I went to Fiesta Texas.  Chris purchased season passes for us all (kryssa has her first little season pass -hee hee) We visited the water park first and enjoyed hours of fun -UNTIL . . . Kryssa got stung by a yellow jacket .  I couldn't believe it -WHAT LUCK, HUH?!  (that's her second sting in just several months -poor thing!!!)  Well, after about an hour or so, she calmed down and was able to walk -it stung her on the tip of her big toe :( - We enjoyed the rest of the evening at Fiesta Texas.  She rode several rides and Chris rode one, I believe . . .
Later that night, around 11:30 or so, I managed to drive 30 mins to pick up the girls to take them back to our house for a sleep over and so that they could go to church with us . . .
Sunday, we (chris, Kryssa, Jensyn, Marguerite and I) went to church, I had a blast singing!!   The message was GREAT!!  Oh, and my parents went, which really made my day!!  Later we met up with my parents, again, and my nieces, and had lunch.  Then we (jensysn, marguerite, chris and i) spontaneously went to Fiesta texas for about an hour -before we had to have the girls back at my parent's so that they could get picked up by their moms to head back to Dallas.  Oh, and while at Fiesta Texas, I whitnessed an accident -pretty ugly!!  So, I stayed to give a statement. Poor people, man!!
From my parents, we went to a BBQ gathering and I managed to stain the people's carpet BLUE!   I left my powerade bottle open, on the floor next to my chair, and forgot about it and then the next thing I knew, I think someone moved the chair or something, I don't know what happened?! . . . someone was soaking up blue liquid! OH NO!!!  I felt horrible!!!
From there we went to Walmart and spent some money -I don't know WHY!!!  lol -but we ended up buying Dance Dance Revolution for PS2!  Super cool . . . Super fun . . . also a great work out! ha ha ha -Someone told me how it has a work out program/game and keeps track of calories that are being burned -well, it does and I love that feature/game.  So, now we are extremely pooped!!!  I'm ready for a good night's rest because tomorrow I have quite a bit to do with shopping for Kryssa's party and . . . well, I really don't remember what else ----Oh!  One thing is getting my hair changed back to my original color!  I can't deal with it . . . I don't like the job that was done and I definitely don't feel that I got my money's worth.  So, I know I have other errands to run.  I just wanted to blog --I feel like I haven't done it in a while.

I am still working on my "home" blog . . . sorry -thanks for being patient. --to some of you  --hee hee, and the others please be a little more patient.
Have a wonderful monday!!

Oh, I forgot to say that I have one more child, a 9 month old, enrolling for one week in August and one week in September.  I'm really excited!  I love getting 'new' kids -and it's super exciting that he's a little 9 month old . . . BABY!!!  hee hee
The other thing I forgot to add is that I have the wedding cake to make for this Saturday!! ha ha ha . . . I'm super excited about that!  I got free range --I can do just about anything I want, design it how ever I'd like!! How cool is that?!?
-so I think that's it now . . .
night night

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