July 17, 2007

Will it work?!

Well, aside from our wonderful vacation . . .
This friday I will go in to have my blood drawn and my progesterone level(s) will be checked -to see if the clomid worked.  Our vacation came at such a perfect time -all the stress of emotions and all seemd to have flooded my mind.  So, it was wonderful to be able to just focus on me and Chris -and reflect on our five years of marriage!!- for a while.
Seeing how our night and days were a little flipped flopped over there, I don't know what kind of results we are going to have.  But I am glad that our first round of meds is over.  God willing that's all we will need . . .
Mentally I say that if it didn't work this round that I can handle another round.  But emotionally, I'm not sure how I will handle it . . . all the ups and downs of the medications/harmones -mood swings, hot flashes (side effects), etc.- along with the ups and downs of mental and emotional whirlwinds . . . I need to know that a round two is what we should do.  So, I leave it in God's hands and just do my best to wait patiently.

so that's the update on that.

**Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that I just found out news of another mother to be . . .   --life is really interesting, isn't it?!  I think I've lost count already --that may be the 12th person already, since April.**  I know, I know . . . our time will come . . .

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