July 16, 2007


**(7/26) Well, I was going to write a short entry for days 1-10 --but it's not so easy to remember everything now.  So, this is what I have done:  I've kept what I had already written.  But I've added a little slide show according to the day . . . if there is something I really want to share about that day, I will add a little paragraph with the slide show.  There are so many pictures -I am working on a slide show for Chris- so, breaking them up by the day might not be so bad . . .  I was so excited to share about our vacation but I have waited too long and don't remember allll the exciting points.  I will share what I remember . . .

(original blog ---with the new additions)
So, it's great to be back "home".  There is so much to share about out trip -I don't even know where to start.  I could have atleast taken, or bought, a journal to write in about what we did each day.  We have pictures to show -but it's so hard to remember allll that we did every day.
Let's see what I remember:
Day 1:  We got to Vegas at approx. 6:40pm.  The time change was exciting for us because we thought we would go out the first night and start exploring.  Well, at the airport, our luggage was "lost" for about an hour or so -they didn't know what happened to it and said that we could either wait to see if it came on the next plane or file the report and hope that it would be found within 24 hours.  Thank God, it arrived on the next plane. 
We left the airport and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  Once we got to our destination, it was already close to 10pm.  Which seemed like a great time to change and go out -but Chris fell asleep and I only stayed up another 30 mins before I realized that I had nothing to do but stare at walls!! lol!  It wasn't as horrible as it may seem, I was pooped too.  The time change got to us the first night -so, our normal midnight bedtime was only 10 over there but we still couldn't help giving in to our sleep (seeing how I only had about 4 hours of sleep the previous night -packing-).
Day 2:  We ate at Red Robin (nothing different from SA, huh?!  Cheesecake Factory and Red Robin -LOL-) then bought some cupcakes from a little cupcake shop called the Cupcakery.   We checked in to our Hotel, the Westin, and fell in love with the california king -pillow top- bed.  On the reviews for the room we read about how lovely the beds were and we totally agree!!  The other wonderful "piece of heaven" (they like to call it) was the double head shower experience!! 

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