May 16, 2007

He sure loves his chicken!! LoL

I just got a phone call from my hubby . . .
He tells me that he has decided to stand in line at the new Chick-fil-a, on Medical, to win free chicken for a year (one combo meal per week).  Can you believe that?  Well, actually, most of you will be able to believe that -lol!!  I don't know why I'm so shocked -it's soooo what Chris does! lol  Um, the good news is that the first one hundred people will for sure win the free chicken and he stood in line as the 95th person -woo hoo!! He's a winner already -as long as he lasts out there till they open up tomorrow morning . . . which I know that he will! 
So, it's something like three hundred and fifty some dollars worth of free food -pretty cool for him (the bank is right next door to the chick-fil-a and he really loves to eat out for lunch time.).  I just can't believe that I will be sleeping alone tonight while he is out there for his free chicken! lol . . . Then again, at least I can sleep in bed while my poor hubby will be sleeping in a chair (hopefully my dad takes that chair to him -lol) . . . crazy man!  I don't think I would sleep outside for free chicken . . . a free baby grand/grand piano . . . probably . . .a free car . . .maybe . . . a free vacation . . . maybe . . . free body massages for a year -DEFINITELY!!! lol
So, I will be heading over there in a while to take his phone, which he happened to forget today.  I'll also be taking him some lunch, drinks, snacks and a little pillow and blanky . . . boy oh boy -I have to remind myself that this "Crazy Kosmo" (Kosmo, like Cosmo Cramer, was my little nickname for him since before we were dating) is who I fell in love with . . . there's just something about that craziness that I LOVE and adore . . .
If any one wants to go visit him and give him some company for a while . . . he would love that!
So, it's going to be a very very long day for me.  I always look forward to him coming home from work -especially after a full day of "mommy duty" . . . that won't be happening today so I have to make the best of all of this: taking care of my hubby while he stays outdoors for hours and hours and hours, taking care of Kryssa alllllll day and night and morning again, also, I will be running all the errands by myself today  (well, me and Kryssa -but no Chris . . *sniffle*)
I sure do love my Kosmo!!!

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