May 25, 2007

Darn Kitty Cats!!!

Oh, how I am sooooo bothered to think about this . . . but here it goes:
My, so-called, wonderful kitties (I don't know which one did it -so they both take the blame) chewed my lovely earbuds!!!   Oh, it makes my head spin.  Yes, I can replace them and I know I shouldn't be so bothered by materialistic things.  But, when something like that happens and there is no way to correct them from doing it again (because they are Cats and not a child:  a child, you can teach a lesson.  You tell them what they did was wrong and inappropriate and not to do it again . . . .so on . . . Not withe CATS!!!! Ugh!) . . . so, for me a pair of earbuds that are on the market for 50 dollars, that are now distroyed, is not something that I can just brush off easily.  But, I didn't attack the cats, scream, yell, or get all heated . . . I sat on the floor with the girls, for nap, like I always do.  Once they were sound asleep, I put my earbuds in and signed on to watch some episodes of reality tv . . . Then when I only hear sound out of the left earbud, I unplug and replug it in -it was then that I realized that the cats must have chewed through the wiring.  Sure enough!!!  Thankfully it only damaged the right earbud -but I still have to replace them.  Now, I am happy to say that I did not pay the full 50 dollars for them.  Gotta love!!  So, I know where to buy them again -which I am doing right now-.  But my earbuds were something that I bought w/ some of my bday money -that's what upsets me!  I have been loving them so much and now I have to spend my personal spending money on replacing something that just worked perfectly yesterday ---until those darn little kitties got to them!!!!
So, my day could be worse . . . like my poor hubby who ran out of gas on his way to work because something is up w/ the gas gauge on the focus -it doesn't show a correct reading (it might say it's empty when you just filled up and visa versa) -so he had no idea that it was really really empty . . . he had to walk in the rain to get gas  -because my phone was on vibrate when he called for my help  -oh poor thing!).  So, I have to look on the bright side --I get to do some online shopping!  BUT I don't really have much spending money and I know I'm going to find more than just the earbuds to buy . . .
R.I.P. Sony Earbuds
October '06 - May '07

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