May 25, 2007

It's Friday night . . .

What to do . . . where to go?!  Kryssa will be with Grandma and Grandpa until sometime tomorrow afternoon.  I want to go do something -but what?!  I still haven't seen Spiderman 3 -that sounds like a plan; but then so does Dave & Buster's for food, games, and happy hour . . .Oooh, America's Incredible Pizza Company also sounds like some fun -all you can eat, pasta, pizza, salad, dessert, soup, ice cream . . . games, go-carts, put-put . . . Hmmmm . . .
We also have a lot of little things to buy for our home improvements that we are getting started on -but what fun is that on a Friday night, baby free ? !   I mean, it actually is the best way to shop at Lowe's and all -but I want to have some Fun-Fun; you know?!  hee hee!!
Any other suggestions?

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