May 21, 2007

1 mosquito, 20+ bites, 1 very frustrated Mishelly!

I don't think I've killed it yet.  It all started yesterday . . . a mosquito bite here, a mosquito bit there . . . I didn't think much of it until I couldn't even keep up w/ where I was being bitten!!  It got to the point that I sprayed myself down w/ OFF (bug repellent), just to be inside my own house!!!  How irritatingly, horribly uncomfortable is that?!?  Let me tell you . . . EXTREMELY!!!!
I tried counting them today; but I just gave up after 22!  2 on my right arm, 1 on my left arm.  4 behind my right knee, 3 on my right knee.  2 on my right upper thigh, 3 on my right mid thigh.  2 on the back of my right thigh, 1 on my beeehind!!  1 on my back and 3 on my stomach.  2 on my left thigh, 2 on my left calf.  2 on the top of my left foot, right where my sock line is and 3 along the sock line of my right foot . . . I'm sure there are some that I just can't think of right now -Oh, yeah, 1 on my right shin, 1 on my left knee . . .
I had sooo much trouble falling asleep last night.  I had to take some benadryl and, still, it took a while for me to get sleepy enough to forget about alllllll the swollen bites on my entire body. 
I had to remind myself that it's better that I got eaten up -instead of Kryssa.  That would make a rough rough couple of days of scratching and crying and fussing . . . I just cringe my teeth and scratch a bit before I spray some itch relief ointment --which doesn't last very long!
So, on the bright side - if this is as bad as today gets, then I'm up for a great day! 

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